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10 Flamboyant Quotes Of Tengen Uzui In Japanese 【Demon Slayer】

The second season for Demon Slayer is coming soon. In the new arc, the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui (宇随 天元 うずい てんげん) is mainly going to be active. Let’s look some impressive quotes the hottest Hashira left.

The new season takes places in the town of prostitutes called Yukaku Yoshiwara. Here are some details about the place. → "Demon Slayer Season 2】Yukaku Yoshiwara: A Tiny Bizarre World That Really Existed"


Then I will cut his head off flamboyantly.

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.6

ならば俺 (おれ) が派手 (はで) に頸 (くび) を斬 (き) ってやろう
Naraba Ore ga hade ni kubi wo kitte yarou

To other Hashira members.

This is the first time Tengen appeared, and he’d given us a striking impression by this line. He was talking about Tanjiro, who was caught in violation of the Rules of Demon Slayers (He covered his demonized sister Nezuko from Demon Slayers).
“Flamboyant (派手 はで) ” is the word Tengen uses a lot.


I am the former Shinobi, Tengen Uzui, the man who had been known flamboyantly among them.

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.8

俺 (おれ) は“元忍 (もとしのび) ”の宇随天元 (うずい てんげん)様 (さま) だぞ その界隈 (かいわい) では派手 (はで) に名 (な) を馳 (は) せた男 (おとこ)
Ore wa “moto shinobi” no Uzui Tengen sama dazo  Sono kaiwai dewa hade ni na wo haseta otoko

To Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira

Of course, our very own Tengen sama even introduces himself flamboyantly. “Among them” means “among Shinobi” and “shinobi (忍 しのび) ” is another way to call “ninja (忍者 にんじゃ)”.


Source: Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.9

Listen. I am a god and you guys are trash!

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.9

いか? 俺 (おれ) は神 (かみ) だ! お前 (まえ) らは塵 (ごみ) だ!
Ii ka? Ore wa kami da! Omae ra wa gomi da!

To Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira

Tengen’s bossy attitude annoyed Zenitsu. If someone you are meeting for the first time, it sure is annoying! By the way, Tanjiro asked what kind of god he was, and Tengen answered that he was the god of festival (because a festival is flamboyant). This turned Zenitsu off completely. Aww… Tengen sama, you should have said you were the god of Sound Breathing of something at least…


Don’t be ashamed. Alive ones are the winners. Don’t misread the opportunity.

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.9

恥 (は) じるな 生 (い) きてる奴 (やつ) が勝 (か) ちなんだ 機会 (きかい) を見誤 (みあやま) るんじゃない
Hajiru na Ikiteru yatsu ga kachi nanda Kikai wo Miayamaru n janai

To Tanjiro Kamado

Tengen ordered Tanjiro and Inosuke to leave the Yukaku because he found out that the mission was too dangerous for them. He told Tanjiro not to waste his life. What so respective about Hishira including Tengen is they are not just incredibly strong, but they know the importance of every life.


Source: Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.9

We go flamboyantly from now on.

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.9

こっからは ド派手 (はで) に行 (い) くぜ
Kokkara wa dohade ni ikuze

To Makiwo (まきを) and Suma (須磨 すま)

Tengen appeared from nowhere to save his wives, (he got 3 wives) who were fighting the Upper Moon Demon Daki (堕姫 だき) under the ground. By the way, bigamous marriage had been already prohibited in Japan that time!


I have, flamboyantly, clearly, decided the order of lives I would protect. First of all, three of you, Civilians next, then, me.

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.10

俺 (おれ) は派手 (はで) にハッキリと命 (いのち) の順序 (じゅんじょ) を決 (き) めている まずお前 (まえ) ら三人 (さんにん) 次 (つぎ) に堅気 (かたぎ) の人間 (にんげん) たち そして俺 (おれ) だ
Ore wa hade ni hakkiri to inochi no junjo wo kimete iru Mazu omae ra sannin Tsugi ni katagi no ningen tachi Soshite ore da

To Hinazuru (雛鶴 ひなづる), Makiwo (まきを) and Suma (須磨 Suma)

This is Tengen’s line in Makiwo’s flashback scene. Tengen told his wives to think about their safety first on a mission. Tengen was a shinobi, and all his wives were as well. So, his word surprised Makiwo because their own safety was supposed to be the last thing to care about as shinobi. Tengen knows no mission is more important than one’s life even for shinobi. And this is why he is overwhelmingly strong.
Note: 堅気 (かたぎ) の人間 (にんげん): It means people with legit occupation. I translated it as “civilian” here. You can hear this expression usually in Yakuza movies or manga when yakuza describes non-yakuza people.


Well, it’s natural because I am a gorgeously, flamboyantly hot guy.

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.10

ぁな 俺 (おれ) は派手 (はで) で華 (はな) やかな色男 (いろおとこ) だし当然 (とうぜん) だろ
Maana ore wa hade de hanayaka na irootoko dashi touzen daro

To Gyutaro (妓夫太郎 ぎゅうたろう)

The line Tengen said to Gyutaro, the Upper Demon, who was jealous of how stylishly Tengen saved civilians from Gyutaro’s attack. I want you to compare this line with the one below.


Source: Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.10

Do I even look talented? If someone like me look so to you, your life must be just happy.

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.10

俺 (おれ) に才能 (さいのう) なんてもんがあるように見 (み) えるか? 俺 (おれ) 程度 (ていど) でそう見 (み) えるならテメェの人生 (じんせい) 幸 (しあわ) せだな
Ore ni sainou nante mon ga aru youni mieru ka? Ore teido de sou mieru nara temee no jinsei shiawase dana

To Gyutaro

Tengen said he was just an ordinary person and there were many people with incredible skills in the world. He always exaggerated himself and said like he was a god, but he really knew he wasn’t and there were truly talented ones.


I’m on a roll and I can even eat 100 bowls of Tendon flamboyantly!!

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.10

絶好調 (ぜっこうちょう) で 天丼 (てんどん) 百杯 (ひゃっぱい) 食 (く) えるわ 派手 (はで) にな!!
Zekkouchou de tendon hyappai kueru wa hade ni na!!

To Gyutaro

Tengen was poisoned by Gyutaro but he said it was nothing and he was even on a roll. This is Tendon (天丼 てんどん); A bowl of rice with Tempura and soy sauce based sauce on it.



“The Score” is done!!! We are going for the wiiiiin!!!

Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』vol.11

「譜面 (ふめん) 」が完成 (かんせい) した!!! 勝 (か) ちに行 (い) くぞォオ!!!
“Fumen” ga kansei shita!!! Kachi ni iku zoo!!!

To Tanjiro

“The Score” is Tengen’s own battle formula that enables him to read attack motions of an enemy and to recognize the enemy’s particular moves or blind spots which can be converted to sound.
At this moment, all slayers in the battle of Yukaku were deadly damaged. However, Tengen tried to lead them for the win with the score. His leadership was amazing.

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