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13 Indomitable Quotes Of Draken In Japanese From Tokyo Revengers

Here are the best quotes of Draken (Ken Ryuguji) from Tokyo Revengers In Japanese including romaji and the translation in English.

※The quotes are based on manga so that they might slightly differ from ones from Anime series.


You don’ have to vow your head. But you gotta have a “mind” to care about others.

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.2

下 (さ) げる頭 (あたま) 持 (も) ってなくてもいい 人 (ひと) を想 (おも) う“心 (こころ) ”は持 (も) て
Sageru atama motte nakutemo ii Hito wo omou “kokoro” wa mote

To Mikey

Pachin’s friend and the friend’s girlfriend were attacked by Mobius, the gang led by Nobutaka Osanai, and got seriously injured. Draken and Mikey visited the hospital the girl was in. But her father cursed at them and called them “trash of the society”. Mikey got mad, but Draken just apologized and even grabbed Mikey’s head and made him vow. It wasn’t their fault that the girl was attacked. However, Draken understood what he could do for the people who became victims of mindless delinquents.


Oh my god!! He is cool…

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.2

すげえ!! 格好 (かっこう) いい…
Sugee!! Kakkoii…

In his mind

On the first day Draken met Mikey (they were about 11), he got shocked by Mikey’s overwhelming strength. This is where everything has started.


Osanai, let me tell you why you lost. Because you sinned against the delinquent morality.

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.3

長内 (おさない) テメーがなんで負 (ま) けたか教 (おし) えてやるよ 不良 (ふりょう) の道 (みち) 外 (はず) れたからだ
Osanai Teme- ga nande maketaka oshiete yaru yo Furyo no michi hazureta kara da

To Nobutaka Osanai

Mobius led by Osanai attacked Pachin’s friend. They even attacked the friend’s girlfriend and his parents. While Toman was preparing to retaliate between Mikey, Draken, Pachin and Peyan in a warehouse, Osanai with over 20 Mobius members came to beat them up. However, Micky’s single straight kick knocked Osanai down instead. Osanai didn’t just lose to Toman, but he was a loser as a delinquent, too.


I bet 100 million yen on Takemicchi.

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.4

タケミっちに一億円 (いちおくえん)  
Takemicchi ni ichioku en.

To kiyomasa and Takemichi

Draken was stubbed on his stomach by Kiyomasa and Takemichi was much smaller than Kiyomasa. But still, Draken knew Takemichi would win.


I’m still your friend!

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.6

それでもオレはオマエの仲間 (なかま) だ!
Sore demo ore wa omae no nakama da!

To Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutota killed Mikey’s brother Shinichiro in the past. It heppened intentionally but he started blaming on Mikey about the accident. Of course, Mikey had nothing to do with it, but Kazutora had a twisted way of thinking which came from his complex childhood. Eventually his twisted thinking became a trigger of the Battle of Bloody Halloween. Before the battle, Draken tried to convince Kazutaro to change his mind. Kazutora didn’t listen and said he was going to kill Mikey, but Draken told him they were still friends.


I’m glad that I can go all out in a while.

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.7

嬉 (うれ) しいぜ 久 (ひさ) しぶりに本気 (ほんき) になれそうだ
Ureshii ze Hisashiburi ni honki ni naresouda

To Valhalla

The line Draken said in the battle of Bloody Halloween. Even though Toman was under the unfavorable situation, Draken never forgot to enjoy fighting. He is a true delinquent!


I’ve just done with my warm-up.

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.7

今 (いま) ぁ 準備運動 (じゅんびうんどう) 終 (お) わったとこだ
Imaa junbi undo owatta toko da

To Shuji Hanma

The line he said to Hanma after he knocked out tens of Valhalla members alone in the battle of Bloody Halloween. Amazing!


Happy Birthday. Well, I’m done. See ya.

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.8

誕生日 (たんじょうび) おめでと 用(よう) 済 (す) んだし帰 (かえ) るわ
Tanjoubi omedeto You sundashi kaeru wa

To Emma Sano

Draken is the man. He doesn’t say unnecessary things. On Emma’s birthday, he just gave a stuffed bear she wanted to her and left. Takemichi, Yamagishi and Naoto were like “Kakke- (cool)”.


I see. You don’t look good in that.

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.8

似合 (にあ) ってねぇなぁ オマエ!
Niatte neenaa Omae!

To Takemichi Hanagaki

When he saw Takemichi wearing the Toman’s tokkofuku (uniform, 特攻服 とっこうふく), he smiled and said this line. Of course it’s not what he really thought.


Yo. Are you done there? Can you tell Mikey that I’m done here?

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.12
Source: Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.12

お? そっちは終 (お) わった? マイキーに伝 (つた) えてくんない? こっちは終 (お) わったって
O? Socchi wa owatta? Maiki- ni tsutaete kunai? Kocchi wa owattatte.

To Tanju Shiba

This is such a cool scene. While Miley was fighting Taiju (actually it wasn’t even a fight because Mikey was too strong!). Draken knocked out 100 soldiers of Black Dragon by himself. In the Christmas night!


All right. This paint is mine, then. Exchanging with my karubi don, okay!?

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.14

ようし じゃあ この絵 (え) オレのモン! カルビ丼 (どん) と交換 (こうかん) な!?
Youshi Jaa kono e ore no mon! Karubi don to koukan na!?

To Takashi Mitsuya

Mitsuya has two little sisters. He’s taken care of them instead of their mother because she was busy working all day. One night, Mitsuya (when he was about 10) got tired of babysitting and run away from home. He was spray-painting a dragon on a wall under a bridge and a little delinquent was watching him…This is how Mitsuya and Draken met. Draken offered the karubi don he was eating to Mitsuya and Mitsuya ate it all because he was so hungry. The dragon tattoo on Draken’s head was designed from Mitsuya’s paint.


I’ve got no arguments against the decision my president made!!!
Thank you for your hard work until today!!!! President!!!!

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.22

総長 (そうちょう) の決断 (けつだん) に異論 (いろん) はねぇ!!!
今日 (きょう) までお疲 (つか) れ様 (さま) でした!!!! 総長 (そうちょう) !!!!
Socho no ketsudan ni iron wa nee!!!
Kyou made otsukare sama deshita!!!! Socho!!!!

To Mikey

All Toman members were surprised by Mikey’s sudden decision to dissolve Toman. Draken must have mixed feelings, too. However, he respected the president’s decision as the vice-president of Tokyo Manji Kai.


The engine is getting warm. It’s been a while. Let’s start a big brawl.

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.24

久 (ひさ) しぶりにエンジンがあったまってきたトコだぁ 始 (はじ) めようか大乱闘 (だいらんとう)
Hisahiburi ni enjin ga attamatte kita toko daa Hajimeyouka dairantou

To South Terano

After Toman dissolved, Draken retired from delinquents’ world and ran a motorcycle shop with Inupi (Seishu Inui). When South Terano from Rokuhara come to headhunt him, Draken just let South punch him. So, it looked like he wasn’t how he used to be anymore. But then, he said this line. It lets us know that he hasn’t change at all. The “engine” here is about Draken himself.

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