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20 Impressive Quotes Of Takemichi Hanagaki In Japanese From Tokyo Revengers

Here are 20 impressive quotes of Tokyo Revengers Cry-baby Hero Takemicchi in Japanese including Romaji and translation in English.


You gotta kill me if you wanna win.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.1

勝 (か) つにはオレを殺 (ころ) すしかねーぞ
Katsu niwa ore wo korosu shika ne-zo

To Kiyomasa (Masataka Kiyomizu)

Takemichi was already beaten up hard by Kiyomasa. But he still stood up for the reason he had decided not to give up for this time.


I’ve got something I can’t give up ever again.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.1

もう二度 (にど) と譲 (ゆず) れねぇモンがあんだよ
Mou nido to yuzurenee mon ga andayo

To Draken (Ken Ryuguji)

Takemichi said this line because he wanted to change the future where his girlfriend Hina dies. But since Draken and Mikey didn’t know that Takemichi was a time leaper, it sounded different to them. Anyway, this is an impressive line that shows Takemichi’s strong will.


Don’t you understand that Toman is all falling apart? That’s sad…

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.3

東卍 (とうまん) みんなバラバラになっちゃうんだよ? そんなの悲 (かな) しいじゃん
Toman mina barabara ni nacchaun dayo? Sonnano kanashii jan

To Mikey (Manjiro Sano) and Draken (Ken Ryuguji)

Mikey and Draken, 2 tops of Toman, started fighting over the Toman member, Pachin and it seemed nobody could stop them. However, Takemichi’s emotional words even moved their minds.


I won’t run away this time. This is the revenge for my life!!

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.4

今度 (こんど) こそ逃 (に) げねぇ これはオレの人生 (じんせい) のリベンジだ!!
Kondo koso ningenee Kore wa ore no jinsei no ribenji da!!

To himself

Takemichi’s life went wrong since he lost to Kiyomasa. But he noticed that he had lost to Kiyomasa not because Kiyomasa was too strong or it was just a bad luck, but because he gave up challenging. This time, he stood up against Kiyomasa and told himself that he would’t give up anymore.


I don’t need to be Mikey kun!! I AM Takemichi Hanagaki!!!

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.4

マイキー君 (くん) になれなくたっていい!! オレはッッ花垣武道 (はながきたけみち)だ!!!
Maiki- kun ni narenakutatte ii!! Ore wa Hanagaki Takemichi da!!!

To himself

The line Takemichi said when he was fighting with Kiyomasa to protect injured Draken in the battle of 8.3. This corresponds to the line Hina said to Takemichi right before. He told this to himself and challenged Kiyomasa. At last, he succeeded in saving Draken. This is the moment Takemichi proofed that he could change the fate if he didn’t give up.


I, I have to save Mikey kun.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.6

オレ マイキーくんを助 (たす) けないと
Ore, Maiki- kun wo tasukenai to

To Naoto Tachibana

When Takemichi came back from the past for the fourth time, he found out that Draken was in the jail as an inmate on death row. The reason was not revealed but Draken told Takemichi that Mikey killed his friend Kazutora 12 years ago. He regretted he couldn’t notice that Mikey was just a 15-year-old boy who had held too much inside him. Takemichi realized that Hina wasn’t the only one who needed to be saved.


I will save Mikey and Baji kun.
マイキーくん、場地 (ばじ) くんはぜってぇオレが守 (まも) る

Maiki-kun, Baji kun wa zettee ore ga mamoru

To himself

Mikey is invincibly strong and Baji is the guy who knocks out 20 delinquents alone. Takemichi a cry baby hero, now decided to save such monsters by himself. He became much stronger the beginning, didn’t he?


I don’t ever want to see the sad futures of my friends!

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.10

オレはもう二度 (にど) と皆 (みんな) の不幸 (ふこう)な未来 (みらい) 見 (み) たくねぇんだよ!
Ore wa mou nido to minna no fukou na mirai mitaku neen dayo!

To Chifuyu Matsuno

Since Takemichi is a time leaper, he has seen that his friends having good time in the past end up with the bad ends in the future. He decided he would do anything no matter how hard it would be to prevent such sad futures.


Haven’t I given up yet? That’s only I’ve got.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.12

まだ懲 (こ) りねぇだと? それだけが取 (と) り柄 (え) なんだよ
Mada korinee dato? Sore dake ga torie nandayo

To Taiju Shiba

Takemichi is not a strong fighter like Draken and he is not charismatic like Mikey either. But he never gives up on saving his friends.


Hakkai, it’s not tough to put your effort. The toughest thing is… to be alone.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.12

八戒 (はっかい) 頑張 (がんば) ることは辛 (つら) くねぇよ 一番 (いちばん) 辛 (つら) い事 (こと) は…孤独(こどく) なことだ
Hakkai Ganbaru koto wa tsuraku neeyo Ichiban tsuirai koto wa kodoku na koto da

To Hakkai Shiba

Takemichi once ran away from everything in his life, so he ended up having no friends to talk to. Now he knew putting effort for someone is not so hard compared to having no one to put the effort for.


You are not the only one who wants to run away from the reality. Everyone is weak. That’s why we are here. We don’t leave you behind because of such a lie. That’s how Toman is!!

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.12

逃げてんのはオマエだけじゃねぇ みんな弱ぇ だから仲間がいる そんな嘘でお前を見捨てねぇ それが東卍だ!!
Nigeten nowa omae dake janee Minna yoee Dakara nakama ga iru Sonna uso de omae wo misute nee Sore ga Toman da!!

To Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai and his sister, Yuzuha has been getting hit by their older brother, Taiju since they were little. Hakkai had said to Toman members that he was mostly getting hit on behalf of Yuzuha. But the fact is it was Yuzuha who was getting hit on behalf of Hakkai. The soldiers in the Black Dragon led by Taiju laughed at Hakkai by hearing the fact. Takemichi said Hakkiai, “You are dumb. But I’m even dumber.” Takemichi has been laughed by people in his whole life because of his weakness. So, he could understand Hakkai’s feeling.


This is my last revenge

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.14

これがオレの最後 (さいご)のリベンジだ
Kore ga ore no saigo no ribenji da

To Chifuyu Matsuno

The present that Takemichi went back for the sixth time was the worst ever. Takemichi leaped to the past again and decided not to go back to the future until he becomes the top of Toman.  


I won’t let you have my men.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.16

オレの部下 (ぶか) はテメェなんかに渡 (わた) さねぇ!!
Ore no buka wa temee nanka ni watasanee!!

To Mucho (Yasuhiro Muto)

Mucho betrayed Toman and confined Takemichi, Inupi (Seishu Inui) and Koko (Hajime Kokonoi). He forced Koko to join Tenjiku (天竺 てんじく) a gang in Yokohama in exchange for letting other two go. Takemichi was already beaten up by Mucho, but he stood up against the traitor (Inupi and Koko were in the first division led by Takemichi of Toman at the time).


Hero won’t run away.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.17

ヒーローは逃 (に) げない
Hiro wa nigenai

To Hinata Tachibana

This related to the line Takemichi said to Hinata the first time they met. When they were in elementary, Hina was in trouble with some delinquents in a park. Takemichi came in out of nowhere to save her. Actually, he was beaten up by the delinquents, but he didn’t run away so that Hina was safe.

This time, Toman was facing a crisis. They had to fight Tenjiku without Mikey and Draken. Everyone in Toman thought they should surrender, but Takemichi said he was going to the battle even by himself.


Kisaki. What? Are you scared?

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.19

稀咲 (きさき) お前 (まえ) 何 (なに) びびってんだよ?
Kisaki Omae nani bibittendayo?

To Tetta Kisaki

Takemichi said this when Kisaki was putting a gun in his head!


Kisaki, I’m knocking your rotten brain into shape!

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.19

稀咲(きさき) テメェの腐 (くさ) った脳 (のう) ミソ叩 (たた) き直 (なお) してやるよ!
Kisaki Temee no kusatta nomiso tataki naoshite yaruyo!

To Tetta Kisaki

Kisaki is a guy who would do anything to achieve his goal. He’s used others and even committed murder. Takemichi punched him down and said this line.


Without him, I wouldn’t be here now, Naoto.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.22
Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.22

ナオト あの人 (ひと) がいなかったら今 (いま) のオレはいねぇんだよ
Naoto Ano hito ga inakattara ima no ore wa ineen dayo

To Naoto Tachibana

After Takemichi went back to the present after the Kanto Incident, things have changed in a big way. Takemichi and Hinata were at Pachin’s wedding and all Toman members were laughing there. Everyone seemed so happy… except for Mikey. Mikey was the leader of the biggest crime syndicate Bonten (梵天 ぼんてん). Naoto told Takemichi to forget about Mikey because everyone else was fine. But Takemichi didn’t think he could be happy without him.


One thing I’ve learned for sure from time leaping is there will be a way if I don’t give up!!

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.22

タイムリープして一 (ひと) つ確実 (かくじつ) に学 (まな) んだ事 (こと) は諦 (あき) めなきゃなんとかなる!!
Taimuri-pu shite hitotsu kakujitsu ni mananda koto wa akirame nakya nantoka naru!!

To himself

After Takemichi went back to the present after the Kanto Incident, he had been looking for Mikey, but he couldn’t get any information for months. Akkun (Atsushi Sendo) asked Takemichi if he would give up on looking for Mikey and Takemichi told this line to himself. I think this word explains everything about Takemichi’s whole time leaping experience.


Yes, you were always like that. You smile when you are in a hard time.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.23

そうだ いつでもそうだった 辛 (つら) い時 (とき) ほど 君 (きみ) は笑 (わら) う
Souda Itsudemo Sou datta Tsurai toki hodo kimi wa warau

To Mikey in Takemichi’s mind

Everyone looked happy except for Mikey in the present Takemichi came back for the eighth time. Naoto told him that Mikey now was leading a gang called Bonten (梵天 ぼんてん). Takemichi once decided to forget about Mikey, but he realized the smile he showed the last time for him was the sign of help.


Hey, Manjiro!! Just one time!! Say “Help” to meeeeeeee!!

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.23
Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.23

おい万次郎 (まんじろう) !! 一度 (いちど) でいい!! “助 (たす) けてください”って言 (い) えやぁああああ゛!!
Oi Manjiro!! Ichido de ii!! “Tasukete kudasai” tte ieyaaaaaa!!

To Mikey (Manjiro Sano)

In the present Takemichi came back after the Kanto Incident, he finally found Mikey. Mikey totally looked different, but Takemichi noticed the position he was in now wasn’t what he really wanted. Takemichi shouted that he would save Mikey no matter what.

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