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Complete Guide To Watch My Hero Academia In Chronological Oder

The 5th season has started, and a new film is coming out. If you want to catch up, here’s the complete timeline to watch My Hero Academia Anime series. I also added the corresponding volume numbers of comic books, too.

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Note: These dates are all of Japan so that they might differ depending on counties.

2016. April Anime season 1 (Comics: Vol. 1-3)

From the beginning to the USJ incident.

2016 .9 【OVA】Save! Rescue Training

This story was in a DVD included in the comic vol.13 special edition. Considering the story development, you should watch it after the episode 13 (the last episode of season1).

2017.3 Anime season 2 (Comics:Vol.3-8)

From the school festival to encountering Tomura Shigaraki at the shopping mall.

2017.4 【OVA】Training of the Dead

This story was in a DVD included in the comic vol.14 special edition. The plot about Tsuyu Asui and her friend Habuko Mangusu (万偶数 羽生子 まんぐうす はぶこ) was from the short story “Tsuyu’s Keokero nikki (梅雨ちゃんのけろけろ日記 つゆちゃんのけろけろにっき) written by the author Kohei Horikoshi Sensei for Weekly Shonen Jump. He wrote this for a change because the original story was getting very serious.

2018.3 Anime season 3 (Comics: Vol.8-14)

From the summer camp to meeting U.A. top 3.

2018 .8 【OVA】Save the World With Love

This episode was aired during the yearly TV program “24HOUR TELEVISION / LOVE SAVES THE EARTH” by Nippon Television Network Corporation. In this program, the casts wear the yellow t shirts and ask for contributions for social welfare, environmental conservation, and disaster recovery. I think this is why Deku and All Might were wearing the yellow t shirts and the theme was about love in this episode.

You should watch it before you watch the movie Two Heroes definitely because the end of episode leads you to the story of movie smoothly.

2018.8 The Movie: Two Heroes

The story takes place in a small island called "I-Island", where latest technologies gathers from all over the world. The episode of All Might from school years is also included.

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2019.2 【OVA】All Might Rising

It’s an about 3minute length story of All Might in young age. It’s contained in “The Movie: Two Heroes BD/DVD Plus Ultra edition”. There is no other legal way to watch it for now.

2019.10 Anime season 4 (Comics:Vol.14-21)

From the internship to the battle between Endeavor and hi-end noumu.

2019.12 The Movie: Heroes Rising

The story starts from Class 1-A's hero activity in Nabu island. A certain thing MHA movies have is that the final bosses are amazingly cool!

2020.8 【OVA】Make it! Do-or-Die Survival Training

The story is separated in the first half and the second half. As my opinion, I recommend you watch them after “The movie: Heroes Rising”. Both are completely different story, and you can enjoy them even if you haven’t watched the original episode because they are different than the original story, too. But I think you can enjoy the interaction between Deku and Bakugo more in that way.

2021.3 Anime season 5 (Comics:Vol.21- )

The current series on air. It starts from Hawks' secret.

2021.8 The movie: World Heroes Mission

The story of third movie takes place when Izuku, Bakugo and Shoto are on internship at the Endeavor's office.

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Only the 1st season has 13 episodes and other seasons have 25 episodes each and 1 episode is 24-25 minutes long.

The stories of 3 movies are all different than the original story so that you can enjoy them without watching the original series. But you might get a little confused since My Hero Academia has many characters. Maybe watching at least, the 1st season would be easier to follow the movies’ stories or else you could be “Who’s this guy? Who’s that girl??”

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