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How Will The Relationship Between Draken And Emma Go? 【Tokyo Revengers】

Is the relationship between Draken and Emma just going to end in a bad way? Maye it isn’t. Here’s a possible timeline that will be happy end for them.

Warning: This article includes the significant spoilers of “Tokyo Revengers”!!
Do not read the following if you don’t want to know the end yet

Let’s look at their relationship first.

They were not going out, but they liked each other.

Source: Tokyo Revengers Anime Official site

Emma Sano likes Draken a lot and everybody around them knows about it. And Draken, Ken Ryuguji likes her, too, but probably nobody around them except for Mikey and Takemichi (→note). Maybe he is too shy to show his feeling. He pretends like he doesn’t care about her. So, their relationship is kind of…they are not like boyfriend and girlfriend, but they see each other.

Note: For mikey, Draken told him, that he liked Emma, but it was a secret between them. And for Takemichi, He noticed that Draken likes her when he saw her picture on the wall in Draken’s room.

Now, let’s see what happened to them.

Emma was attacked by Kisaki.

In the episode 148, Tetta Kisaki rode on the back of Hanma’s motorcycle and attacked Emma’s head with a baseball bat. Mikey and Takemichi tried to take her to hospital, but she couldn’t make it. She asked Mikey to tell Draken that she loved him before she passed away. Sad scene… I can’t read it without tears. What we have to aware here is that Emma died in the past timeline. Takemichi can only go back to the same day of 12 years ago. Which means he can’t save one who dies in the past timeline.

Draken was shot by gangs from Rokuhara Tandai

Tragedy goes on. In the final arc, which had started in the end of comic vol. 23, Takemichi leaped back to 10 years ago. There, Takemichi was attacked by some guys belonged to the gang "Rokuhara Tandai" and Draken came to save him. Draken got 3 shots in his body and fell down. As he was being carried into an ambulance, a rescue crew told Takemichi that he had already passes away. In the last moment of Draken, he thought of Emma, and she tool his hand with a calm smile. Again, remember, this happened in the past. So, Takemichi cannot save Draken anymore.

Now, it seems they could only be together in heaven. But there could be a way! Here’s the hint the author Ken Wakui sensei left in the different episode.

Takemichi might be able to go back to find a way to save Draken, Emma and others.

In the episode 152, Takemichi said to Chifuyu Matsuno that,

Chifuyu, I wil… save Emma chan and Baji kun.
I don’t know how yet, but my time leaping is not supposed to happen but it did.
So, there should be nothing impossible.
I won’t let it end like this.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.17
Source: Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.17

Takemichi said he was going to save Emma and Baji (Draken was alive at the time). If Wakui sensei doesn’t intend to bring Emma and Baji back to life, why would he let Takemichi say this?

Takemichi is getting new abilities.

In the beginning of the story, Takemichi’s ability was only to leap back to the same day of 12 years ago. However, after the Tenjiku arc, he leaped back to 10 years ago though it was still unintentionally. Also, now, in the final arc, it seems he obtained a new ability, precognition. So, there is a chance that he can leap back to the past before Emma and died to save her.

Mikey's Dream

Let’s go back to Emma’s last scene. As she was getting cold on Mikey’s back, Mikey told her his dream,

My dream is…
Someday, you have a baby and Kenchin gets a new house.
Every time I visit you guys, Kenchin leaves you and your baby alone and just sits with drinking and talking about old days over and over.
I stay until late night and even call up Mitsuya and Takemicchi. Then we start a big party and wake your baby up. So, you get pissed at me.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.17
Source: Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.17

The conversation goes,

Emma: Where are you going, Mikey!
Mikey: Stop laughing and do something, Kenchin!
Mitsuya: Here they go again.
Takemichi: Ouch!

What a peaceful moment! They all look so happy. I believe Takemichi saves them all and Mikey’s dream comes true. Go Crybaby Hero!

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