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Who's Maki Oze’s Love Interest? It's Hinawa! 【Fire Force】

Maki Oze (茉希 尾瀬 まき おぜ) is a cute fire officer of the Special Fire Force Company 8 in Tokyo. She doesn’t just have a high ability as the Second Generation but is also good at close combat since she has a military background. And she has built trust with her team members, too because she is a hard worker and never forgets to care about people around her.

Well… who is such a perfect girl’s love interest then? It’s him. Maki’s boss, Lieutenant Takehisa Hinawa (武久 火縄 たけひさ ひなわ) !

Here are some episodes show she likes him.

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She reacted only when Hinawa was on the topic.

During the conversation among the Company 8 in Asakusa (manga episode 209), Iris suggested her sister, hibana that she would match with an older man instead of a younger man like Shinra.

Source: Atsushi Okubo 『Fire Force』Vol.24

Iris: How about Captain Obi?
Obi: Me? I think I’m too old for her…
Maki: Age doesn’t matter nowadays.
Iris: Or…Lieutenant Hinawa?
Maki: What!? Lieutenant Hinawa wouldn’t match with her.
Arthur: Why are you getting upset all the sudden?

Source: Atsushi Okubo 『Fire Force』Vol.24

Maki: Was I upset? Who did you say was upset!
Arthur: Fu…

Maki obviously got upset when Iris said if Hibana would match with Hinawa though she denied it. By the way, the little talk between Shinra and Tamaki here was fun, too!

Source: Atsushi Okubo 『Fire Force』Vol.24

Iris: And I think Shinra would match better with a woman like Tamaki.
Tamaki: Huh?
Shinra: Ew!!
Tamaki: Hey, Iris. Why do I have to match with a guy like him?
Shinra: Don’t one-up me, cat. I wouldn’t want to eighter.
Shinra: I like a woman like Sister Iris.

Tamaki: Ew. I like Iris, too.
Iris: I like you, too. Shinra.
Shinra (grins)
Tamaki: You are too gross.

She respects Hinawa

Her official profile (contained in the comic vol.4) says the persons she respects are Lieutenant Hinawa and Captain Obi though she is also scared of Hinawa according to the profile. I guess it’s because Hinawa is very strict to himself and others. So, for Maki, Hinawa is a scary boss, but at the same time she respects and admires him as an ideal fire fighter she wants to be.

She couldn’t get rid of Hinawa’s words.

Source: Atsushi Okubo 『Fire Force』Vol.18

When the Company 2-8 joint operation to investigate the “Nether” experimental facility was conducted, Maki was sent back to the military where she used to attend. Her father is a General in the Tokyo Army Unified Military Operations Department, and it was obvious the order was his intention. Maki first refused but Hinawa recommended her to go back to the military, too and she decided so then.

Though Maki knew her father and Hinawa told her so because they were worried about her, she kept thinking about what Hinawa said to her and depressed. It’s sad when someone who you respect and admire push you away.

Hinawa’s words make her smile, too

Because what Hinawa says means a lot for Maki, his words make her happy, too.

In the Nether

Getting attacked by the White Clad, the Joint Operation between the Company 2 and 8 in the Nether faced tough going. To make matters worse, the scientist Viktor Licht found out the White Clad were planning to explode Tokyo from the underground. He judged they needed Maki’s ability to stop the plan and called her back.

With Maki’s effort (and her brother’s), the fire officers succeeded in stopping the explosion and Hinawa admired her work. It was the moment they deepened each other’s trust.

Source: Atsushi Okubo 『Fire Force』Vol.19

Maki: I… want to go back to the Company 8.
Hinawa: Right. Your ability is suited for fire force.
Maki: I think! I think not just my ability, but my will is suited for fire force, too!!
Hinawa: I see. Then, we’ll arrange your transfer notification.
Maki: ….. You… were you testing me…?

Source: Atsushi Okubo 『Fire Force』Vol.19

Hinawa: The White Clad is getting radicalized. I was worried if a young lady like you could fight against them. You did a good job today.
Maki: Thank you sir.

Maki made a relieved smile when Hinawa admired her. But, guys! The decision is supposed to be on Captain Obi!

When she heard how Hinawa thinks about her ability

Maki and Hinawa used to attend the military before they became the fire officers, and Hinawa was the one who asked Maki to join the fire force with him because,

(She) cares about others first more than anybody else. She is the suitable person for your company 8.

Source: Atsushi Okubo 『Fire Force』Vol.8 p.78
Source: Atsushi Okubo 『Fire Force』Vol.5

Maki was moved by his word and seemed so happy to hear that. The words of someone you care about a lot always mean a lot to you.

What does Hinawa think about Maki?

Unfortunately, Hinawa doesn’t seem he has any special feeling towards Maki. However, as a fire officer, he thinks highly of her ability and also, he firmly trusts in her personality.

According to his profile, his type is a calm female. So, maybe Maki is more like a younger sister to Hinawa.

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Are Maki and Hinawa well-matched?

I think they are! They both are strict and have high motivation as a fire fighter and also have unique tastes.

Hinawa always wears bizarre clothes

Hinawa is known for indifference to clothes. He always wears weird caps or shirts because people in shopping streets know Hinawa doesn’t care about fashion and make him buy clothes left unsold.

Maki’s taste is questionable, too

What maki wears look pretty normal, but here are some scenes we can tell people in the Company 8 doubts her tastes.

  • Iris thinks “Maki is cool and beautiful, but inside her head is a field of flowers. (manga episode 1)
  • Shinra got shocked that he was beaten by “this weird woman” “this weird woman” is of course Maki. (manga episode 2)
  • When Shinra, Maki Iris and Tamaki went shopping, they went into a bizarre shop and Shinra immediately noticed it was Maki’s choise. (manga episode 92)

By the way, they bought some clothes for Hinawa in the shop, and he wore them to office. But Captain Obi got mad at Hinawa because his clothes were too weird for office (the rabbit ears were attached to the cap and the word written on it was “nudist nipples”). Obi asked Hinawa how he got these foolish clothes though he knew who had given him. Hinawa lied he bought them for himself to cover his teammates. He is such a good guy! No wonder Maki is attracted to him.

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