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Profile And 8 Essential Facts Which Makes Chifuyu Matsuno Attractive【Tokyo Revengers】

Chifuyu Matsuno is one of the most popular character from Tokyo Revengers. Here are his profile and some facts that make him so attractive.


Name: 松野千冬 (まつの ちふゆ)  *千means thousand and 冬 means winter.
Position: Toyko Manji Kai the 1st division vice-captain (東京卍會 壱番隊 副隊長)
Height: 168cm (5’ 5, in the past)
Weight: 58kg (128lbs)
Birthday: Dec.19th 1991
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Theme Color: Light blue
Favorite Things: Playing with Peke J (his cat), Aviation Magazines, Manga by Ai Yazawa (an author of girls’ comic)
Dream: To be a pilot
Special Skill: He can speak with animals (he thinks).
Person He Respects: Keisuke Baji
Persons He Feels Negative About: Kazutora Hanemiya, Nostradamus (He got scared of his prophecies and had to spend a sleepless night.)
Epic: He was running after Peke J and fell from the second floor but didn’t get hurt at all.
Favorite Place: The landing of the stairs of apartment where he talked with Baji until morning.

1. Good looking delinquent and strong!

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』Vol.8

Chifuru doesn’t look like delinquent but he is.

This should be the number one reason why he is so attractive. Furyo (delinquents 不良, ふりょう) are an endangered species today in Japan, but a typical furyo I image is Masataka Kiyomizu. Well, if Kiyomasa kun was the vice-captain of the 1st division, I don’t think he would be so popular.

He is strong

The episode 67 is one of my favorite episodes. Chifuyu was a famous delinquent around his middle school. He was called up by his upperclassmen on the first day of middle school probably because of his rumor, but he beat them up instead. Of course, he is not strong like Miley and Draken, but he is a reliable vice-captain.

2. Unwavering loyalty to Baji

Since Chifuyu was strong, he never talked polite or showed respects to others…until he met Baji. After school of the first day of middle school, Chifuyu was attacked by about 20 delinquents who were friends of the upperclassmen he beaten up in the morning. 20 guys were too many to fight at once, but Baji came by and knocked them all down by himself in a second. Then Baji turned around and asked Chifuyu if he likes *peyoung (ペヤング). At this moment, Chifuyu used keigo (polite words) to Baji without knowing.
*Peyoung is Japanese cup yakisoba.

Baji is the first person Chifuyu thought cool. Chifuyu recalls,

It was him who I talked to politely for the first time.
The one I thought cool for the first time,
And the one I thought I want to follow for the first time
It was all Keisuke Baji.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』vol. 8

Here are more episodes we can see how much Chifuyu was fascinated with Baji.

Baji san is always cool.

When Kazutora took Takemichi to Valhalla’s hangout, Takemichi saw Baji punching Chifuyu’s face over and over. Baji left Toman for Valhalla, and to proof he wasn’t a spy, he was hitting Chifuyu. The next day, Chifuyu said to Takemichi,

Baji san is so cool, isn’t he?

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』vol. 6

His face was covered in bruises, but he still said Baji is cool. This is because Chifuyu believed in Baji and knew Baji wouldn’t just betray Toman.

Baji san's order is absolute.

Source: Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』episode 223

In the episode 223, Draken recalled when Toman members were riding motorcycles. Draken asked Baji about a gang in Harajuku and Baji answered his division already had beaten them up. Then Chifuyu said

They went against Baji san. So, I took their clothes off and beat them up.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』Episode 223

 On hearing that, Draken told Chifuyu that he should be careful because he does too much for Baji’s order. For Chifuyu, Baji is the king, and a soldier follows the king’s order no matter what.

He can't resist Baji san.

At the Battle of Bloody Halloween in the episode 57, Baji tried to attack Kisaki. Chifuyu tried to stop him because he knew Baji would fall into Kisaki’s trap if he did. Baji didn’t listen to Chifuyu and even hit him to move him away. Then Takemichi grabbed Baji and told Chifuyu to attack him. However, Chifuyu cried and said,

I can’t, Takemicchi.
I… can’t punch Baji san.

Ken Wakui 『Tokyo Revengers』vol.7

Chifuyu knew he had to beat Baji to stop him attacking Kisaki… but he just couldn’t.

He cries for Baji san.

Tragedy happened in the battle. Baji died. 2 weeks later, Chifuyu brought a cup of peyoung that they had shared on the first day they met to Baji’s grave and there alone. He sobbed and said,

Baji san. Why did say “Thank you”…?
So unfair…
How am I supposed to do from now!?

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』vol.7

Talking about sharing a peyoung, here’s another episode that shows how much Chifuyu was fascinated with Baji.

In the episode 82, Chifuyu and Takemichi were talking outside and Chifuyu was eating a cup ramen, and asked Takemichi if he wants.
Takemichi thought Chifuyu gave it him and ate them all. Chifuyu got upset and told Takemichi that he was supposed to give it back after a bite. Takemichi was surprised by Chifuyu’s  “weird personal rule”… But actually, this isn’t the rule Chifuyu made.

Here is the drawing by the author Ken Wakui sensei on the official twitter account. He drew the moment Baji and Chifuyu were sharing a cup of peyoung in Baji’s room on the first day they met. He also added their conversation, and it goes:

Chifuyu: These vegetables get soaked in the sauce in the end. They are so good, aren’t they?
Baji: Hey! Are you trying to eat another bite? You are supposed to give it to me after one bite.

So, “One bite rule” was not Chifuyu’s but Baji’s. We can tell Baji was already a part of Chifuyu by this episode!

He appointed Takemichi as captain of the 1st division of Toman.

After Baji died, Chifuyu once tried to leave Toman, and Mikey convinced him to stay. In exchange, Chifuyu appointed Takemichi to take over Baji’s position. Chifuyu believed it was Baji’s will, and he wanted to follow it. Even though the king is gone, his loyalty never fades.

3. He is the man!

Chifuyu is a loyal soldier and also a brave fighter. Let’s see the episodes to prove it.

On the first day of middle school, Chifuyu was surrounded by 20 delinquents. Chifuyu was only 12-year-old, and the delinquents were much older than him. Well, if I was him, I would run away in a second. But, Chifuyu attacked them without flinching.

In the Black Dragon arc, Kisaki came up to Chifuyu and Takemichi and he suggested they should team up to fight Black Dragon. Baji died because of Kisaki’s trap so Kisaki is Chifuyu’s enemy. When Kisaki mentioned Mikey in his talk, Chifuyu put a broken glass at Kisaki’s neck and said,

Don’t say “mikey”, you got to call him “Mikey kun”. All right!!?

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』vol.10

He told Kisaki to show respect to their president.

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』vol.10

The 7th time Takemichi went back to the present, the things have changed a lot. Takemichi was an executive of Toman and Chifuyu was his supporter. Takemichi became a jerk who made money by doing dirty jobs. However, Chifuyu kept supporting him and never said bad about him even right before he got a shot in his head by Kisaki.

4. He is a good guy.

When Takemichi told Chifuyu about time leaping, Chifuyu believed and said he would respect Takemichi for what he’s gone through alone. Then He told Takemichi that he would support him to the end. What is amazing about Chifuyu is he does what he says. He does anything for the one he believes and never runs away.

5. He is stylish.

Souce: Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』vol.13

I always think Chifuyu has nice clothes. I don’t know about Takemichi though… Especially I love his jacket in the episode113. I wish I could ask him where he got it.

The author Wakui sensei left the comment about the book jacket of the comic vol. 9. in the official fan book. He said the concept for Chifuyu Matsuno is “Loyalty” so that he imaged a knight when he drew this. We can see a sword and fleur-de-lis in his sweater.

Source: Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department 『Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenge』

6. He likes animals.

Chifuyu has a black cat named “Peke J”. He found him on the street and brought him home in a rainy day. The name “Peke J” comes from a motorcycle, “YAMAHA400XJ”. He took the last 2 letters from it (X can be read “peke” or “batsu” in Japanese) and named his cat Peke J. (You pronounce it like “paykay J”)

In the 9th timeline, Chifuyu ran a pet shop named “Peke J” with Kazutora Hanemiya in the present (We don’t know if Takemichi could go back to the timeline again though). Also, when Takemichi leaped to 10 years ago, Chifuyu worked part time in a pet shop after school.

By the way, Baji likes animals, too. He kept some snacks for stray cats and always left his window slightly open so that they could come in his room. In the drawing of Baji and Chifuyu sharing a peyoung in Baji’s room, which I put above, Baji is reading a book about animals. Can you see the letter “動物”? It means animals.

Here’s another episode about Chifuyu and Peke J.
In the official fan book, you can read “one day” of main characters and for Chifuyu, it says:

He woke up and took a bath with Peke J. He played with Peke J until he noticed it was already noon, so he gave up on going to school and headed to Takemichi’s. He was hungry so he opened the fridge there and found a mille crepe written “MINE”. He ate it anyway. Takemichi found it and challenged him to a duel. Then they went to an arcade, and he beat Takemichi up in a fighting game. Takemichi got pissed and cried. So, he felt bad and bought a Chocolate parfait for Takemichi.

Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department 『Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenge』

Very interesting day, isn’t it?

7. He is adorable.

Chifuyu is a reliable soldier who is always loyal to his king, but he is a teen boy at the same time. So, he has an adorable part, too.

When Takemichi was planning to fight Black Dragon on Christmas night in the Black Dragon arc, Chifuyu complained that he was not going to have a chance to spend time with a girl on Christmas night again this year. In Japan, many people spend Christmas with their partners. It seems he never had spent Christmas night with a girl, but he is a good guy. So, he'll find the one soon!

In the episode 191, Takemichi said he wanted to go back to 2 days ago. The reason is that he forgot about “White Day”. White Day is March 14th. In Japan, a girl gives chocolates to the one she likes, and they are supposed to give her back something on White day. Takemichi said Hina must be angry. So, Chifuyu made a plan called “Exciting Time Traveling Operation (タイムトラベルドキドキ大作戦 たいむとらべるどきどきだいさくせん)” for him. This title is funny... it sounds so girlish. Chifuyu said they need some polka dot boxes, ribbons and note pads for the operation and Takemichi asked why. Then Chifuyu explained,

In any generation, girls are attracted to polka dots, ribbons, and surprises.
That’s what manga says.  

Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』vol.22

Unfortunately, Takemichi didn’t have a chance to use the plan. I can’t stop laughing at Chifuyu's face↓

Source: Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』vol.22

His profile says he likes manga by Ai Yazawa and its girls’ comic. It’s adorable that a delinquent like Chifuyu reads girls’ comics. In the episode 207, it seems he was reading a girls’ comic, too.

Source: Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』vol.24

8. He is smart!?

Source: Ken Wakui『Tokyo Revengers』vol.8

In the first scene Chifuyu met Baji, Chifuyu taught Baji how to write “tiger” in kanji “虎” . 虎 is the kanji you learn in the 3rd grade in middle school (9th grade). It was the first day of middle school Chifuyu met Baji, so that means Chifuyu already knew the kanji in the 6th grade. Plus the kanji he wrote was beautiful! Much better that what I write, at least. Well, he must be a genius delinquent.

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