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Satoru Gojo’s Attraction And Strength Hidden Under His Eye Mask /Jujutsu Kaisen 【Analysis and Quotes】

Satoru Gojo must be the most popular character in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen. But why him? Well, as you know, the answer is obvious. Because he is Satoru Gojo! I’m going to write down about 3 factors which make him so attractive today!


Name: Satoru Gojo (五条 悟 ごじょう さとる)
Age: 28
Birthday: Dec. 7th, 1989
Occupation: Teacher in Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu technical school / Special-grade Jujutsu Sorcerer
Height: Over 190cm (6’ 23”)
Weight: ?
Jujutsu technique: Limitless
More info: 
・He used to eat sweets for quick thinking, and then came to have a sweet tooth.
・His homeroom teacher in school was the principal Yaga.
・He can do anything easily, so he tries not to do much “to train future generations”.

The undisputed strongest Jujutsu sorcerer of the present day

Satoru’s strength as a Jujutsu sorcerer is incredible. Even the special-grade cursed spirit Jogo (漏湖 じょうご) was powerless facing him. Jogo was generated from the fear which people have towards the land. So, his strength must be enormous, however, Satoru treated him like a wimp. Satoru said Jogo was “weak” and easily wrenched Jogo’s head from his body (Jogo managed to run away and somehow survived.).

Satoru was born in the Gojo family, one of the 3 big families which have long histories and authorities. The total amount of bounty on Satoru was over was 100 million yen (10 billion dollars!) shortly after his birth.

The power balance in the Jujutsu world is kept by Satoru. His existence is a threat and deterrent to evil curse users.

The curse users and high-grade cursed spirits, including Jogo conspiring to delete humans tried, to seal Satoru instead of trying to kill him because they knew it was impossible for them to kill him.

Gifted eyes and cursed technique

So why is he the strongest? It’s because he got the combination of the Six eyes and the Limitless technique.

  • The Six eyes (六眼 りくがん Rikugan) The special sight which is able to see through one’s cursed energy and cursed technique. Also, it has power for complicated Jujutsu control.
  • The Limitless Technique (無下限呪術 むかげんじゅじゅつ Mukagen Jujutsu) The cursed technique to bring infinity which exists everywhere forward in reality. The infinity includes zero and negative natural numbers. Because of the numbers, moving objects slow down and also the void which attracts objects is generated.

There are other Jujutsu sorcerers who got the Limitless Technique, however, since the technique requires delicate Jujutsu control, no one can really handle it except Satoru Gojo who has the “special eyes”.

An undisputed flip guy

When Megumi Fushiguro explained Satoru about Sukuna’s incarnation, Satoru looked Yuji Itadori in the face and said “Funny (ウケる ukeru).”

Yuji always ends up not knowing important information because his teacher is the sloppy guy, Satoru Gojo.

At the exchange event of Tokyo and Kyoto Jujutsu tech schools, the teacher from Kyoto, Utahime Iori (庵 歌姫 いおり うたひめ) said “Where is the idiot?” and all students there recognized that “the idiot” meant Satoru.

Humane mind behind the flippancy

When the exchange event was about to be called off because of the surprise attack by the cursed spirits, Satoru said the decision (to call off the event) was not in teachers’ but in students’.

Satoru unusually showed his anger for Yuji’s death because he thought youths including Yuji were the ones who would lead and change the Jujutsu world.

When Satoru was the Jujutsu tech school student, he was once on the mission to guard Riko Amani, the star plasma vessel for Master Tengen. She was designated to the vessel since she was born and was supposed to merge into Master Tengen when the time came. Even though she understood her destiny, she wanted to enjoy her ordinary life as a high school girl before she disappeared, Satoru eventually understood her feeling and tried to grant her requests.

Satoru use to call himself "ore (俺 おれ)” and his classmate Suguru Geto (夏油 傑 げとう すぐる) advised him to change it to something else like “boku (僕 ぼく) because he should show some respects to older people and younger people wouldn’t be afraid of him. First, he didn’t listen to him, but now he calls himself “boku”. I think this is the way he respects Suguku. →for more detail, read here

About Jujutsu technique

Satoru’s Jujutsu technique is Limitless. So far, he got

  1. Cursed Technique neutral   the power to slow down the motion of objects
  2. Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue (術式順転:蒼 じゅつしきじゅんてん:あお Jutsushiki Junten: Ao) the technique to strengthen the power of attracting objects
  3. Cursed Technique Reversal: Red (術式反転:赫 じゅつしきはんてん:あか Jutsushiki Hanten: Aka)  the technique to reverse the power of Blue and repel objects.
  4. Hollow: Purple (虚式:茈 きょしき:むらさき Kyoshiki: Murasaki)   the technique to force out the virtual mass generated by combining the infinity of Blue and Red.

Domain Expansion: Infinite Void (領域展開:無量空処 りょういきてんかい:むりょうくうしょ Ryoiki tenkai: Muryokusho)


大丈夫 (だいじょうぶ) 僕 (ぼく) 最強 (さいきょう) だから
Daijobu boku saikyo dakara.

Don’t worry, I’m the strongest.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』1 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2018, p67 / Anime season 1 episode 2

After Sukuna’s incarnation, Satoru asked Yuji if he could switch his conscious to Sukuna’s. Yuji could but was hesitant because Sukuna was evil and got enormous power. Satoru told Yuji that he was the strongest. His firm confidence is definitely one of the reasons he is so attractive!

だから僕 (ぼく) は教育 (きょういく) を選 (えら) んだんだ
強 (つよ) く聡 (さと) い仲間 (なかま) を育 (そだ) てることを
Dakara boku wa kyouiku wo erandanda.
Tsuyoku satoi nakama wo sodateru koto wo

That’s why I chose education. To raise up strong, clever comrades.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』2 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2018, p80 / Anime season 1 episode 6

Why did the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer choose to be a teacher? He told the reason to the school stuff, Kiyotaka Ijiti (伊地知 潔髙 いじち きよたか). He learned that he couldn’t change the damn Jujutsu world by himself even though he was the strongest of the day from the harsh experience of betrayal by his best friend Suguru Geto.

若人 (わこうど) から青春 (せいしゅん) を取 (と) り上 (あ) げるなんて許 (ゆる) されてないんだよ
何人 (なんぴと) たりともね
Wakodo kara seishun wo toriageru nante yurusarete naindayo
nanpito tari tomone

No one is allowed to take the events of youth from young people.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』2 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2018, p84 / Anime season 1 episode 6

When Yuji Itadori revived from the death, Satoru suggested to the school doctor, Shoko Ieiri (家入 硝子 いえいり しょうこ) that they should hide Yuji’s revival so that they could have more time to train Yuji in case that he was targeted at life again. Satoru said they should send Yuji back to school before the exchange event which is the enjoyable event for students. Because Satoru is gifted and different from others, he must have gone through so many things compared to people who have ordinary lives. So, I think he knows teenagers have right to enjoy their times to live decent lives.

大丈夫 (だいじょう) でしょ だって君 (きみ) 弱 (よわ) いもん
Daijobu desho Datte kimi yowai mon

I’m fine, because you are weak.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』2 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2018, p152 / Anime season 1 episode 7

The words Satoru said to the special-grade cursed spirit, Jogo (漏湖 じょうご). At the battle against the spirit, Satoru even had leeway to bring his student Yuji to let him observe their battle.

死 (し) ぬ時 (とき) は独 (ひと) りだよ
Shinu toki wa hitori dayo

You are alone when you die.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』7 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2019, p119/ Anime season 1 episode 23

Satoru gave a little lesson to his student Megumi Fushiguro (伏黒 惠 ふしぐろ めぐみ) who had a big potential as a Jujutsu sorcerer but tended to have negative attitude. Satoru said Megumi underestimated himself. No matter how high or how low you estimate yourself, you are alone when you die. Megumi noticed that he could interpret and use Jujutsu as he wanted from Satoru’s words.

天上天下唯我独尊 (てんじょう てんが ゆいが どくそん)

Tenjo tenga yuiga dokuson.

I alone am the world honored one.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』9 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2020, p95 

This is a Buddhist term. It’s often misunderstood as a meaning of “I am the only respectable person in the world.”, and I think Satoru used this term in that way according to the situation. (In the battle against Touji Fushiguro (伏黒 甚爾 ふしぐろ とうじ), Satoru awakened as the user of the Limitless Technique and said this words.)  If so, I think the author Akutami sensei did it on purpose because he is a deep researcher. The actual meaning of this term is that every person is precious and respectable, and no one can take place of others.

強 (つよ) くなってよ 僕 (ぼく) に置 (お) いていかれないくらい
Tsuyoku natteyo, boku ni oite ikarenai kurai.

Ger strong so that you won’t be left behind me.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』9 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2020, p174

After the battle against Toji Fushiguro, Satoru went to see his son, Megumi. Megumi was only the first-grade student in elementary, but Satoru decided to take care of him as a future Jujutsu sorcerer. I think Satoru already knew that Megumi would be one of the sorcerers to fight with to change the Jujutsu world.

Jujutsu Kaisen is still going on and I’m going to update the articles regularly!

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