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10 Impressive Quotes Of Shinobu Kocho In Japanese And English From Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kocho is a beautiful strong demon slayer who has a firm belief in her small body. Her quotes are very unique and impressive. Here are 10 lines you should know to know about her.

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Humans and demons, we both should get along together.

人も鬼も みんな仲良くすればいいのに

Hito mo oni mo minna nakayoku sureba iinoni

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』4 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2016, p65 / anime season 1 episode 15

To Giyu Tomioka

Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the head of Demon Slayer Corp ordered Shinobu and Giyu Tomioka, Hashira of the Corp to head to the Natagumo Mountain to support the members fighting against the one of the 12 Demon Moons. Shinobu seems she wants to be friends with demons from this line. However, this thought came from her sister Kanae. Shinobu has tried to follow Kanae’s thought after her beloved sister got killed by a demon even though Shinobu herself hated demons. Shinobu’s sincere respect and love towards her sister must have made her say this line.


Hello? Are you OK?

もしもし 大丈夫ですか?

Moshi moshi, Daijoubu desuka?

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』5 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2017, p22/ anime season1 episode 18

To Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma was poisoned and lying on the top of a wooden house, barely alive after the battle against the brother demon of Rui, one of the 12 Moon Demons. He couldn’t move and was trying to slow down the poison spreading though his body by using his breath technique. When he was about to pass out, Shinobu flew down beside him and asked him if he was ok. Obviously, he was not ok but how she asked very casually was just so her.


Good evening. It's a beautiful moon tonight, isn't it?

こんばんは 今日は月が綺麗ですね

Konbanwa kyou wa tsuki ga kirei desune

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』5 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2017, p134/ anime season1 episode 20

To Rui's sister

Shinobu found Rui's sister demon in the Natagumo Mountain and spoke to her very politely. Who else would talk to a target to kill like that in the middle of dead battle? That's how Shinobu is.


I’m the only slayer who cannot cut off demon’s head in Hashira, but I’m kind of a great person who made poisons to kill demons.

私は柱の中で唯一鬼の頸が斬れない剣士ですが 鬼を殺せる毒を作ったちょっと凄い人なんですよ

Watashi ha Hashira no naka de yuiitsu oni no kubi ga kirenai kenshi desuga, oni wo koroseru doku wo tukutta chotto sugoi hito nandesuyo.

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』5 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2017, p145/ anime season1 episode 20

To Rui’s sister

When Shinobu talked to Rui's sister, the girl demon first tried to attack her. Then she sensed Shinobu’s strength and started begging her to let her go. Shinobu asked Rui’s sister how many people she ate so far. The girl demon answered “5”, but Shinobu told it was a lie. She said, “You must have eaten at least 80 people according to your power” and suggested “I’m going to let you go, but you need to pay for what you’ve done.”

Her suggestion was that the demon needed to bear tortures as much as she did to the innocent people she ate, like pulling out her eyeballs and organs, or else their souls couldn’t be saved. The lady Hashira also said softly, “Don’t worry, young lady. You are a demon. You are not going to die.” Rui’s sister got mad and attacked her but Shinobu encountered rapidly by using the Insect Breath. It was too fast for the demon to recognize what happened. Instantly, the girl demon touched her neck and was relieved it wasn’t cut off. But suddenly, she started to suffer and fell down. Shinobu turned around to the demon and said the line. She poisoned the demon instead of cutting off her head.


Oh, excuse me. You are already dead and cannot hear me. I totally forgot about it.

ああ 失礼しました 死んでいるからもう聞こえませんね うっかりです

Ah Shitsurei shimashita. Shinde iru kara mou kikoemasen ne. Ukkari desu.

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』5 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2017, p145/ anime season1 episode 20

To Rui's siser

Following the line above, Shinobu smiled and said this line. It’s so Shinobu again! Shinobu is too small to cut off demons’ heads, so she uses poisons instead to kill them.


This is why everyone hates you.

そんなだから みんなに嫌われるんですよ

Sonna dakara minna ni kirawareru n desuyo

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』5 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2017, p145/ anime season1 episode 21

To Giyu Tomioka

Shinobu found Nezuko and tried to kill her because Nezuko was a demon. But Giyu, who have met Tanjiro and Nezuko before, covered them. Even though Shinobu didn't know what happened in the past, this line is bitter to Giyu!


Well…..Yes, I guess I am angry all the time.

そう…そうですね 私はいつも怒っているかもしれない

Sou…..sou desune. watashi wa, itsumo okotteiru kamo shirenai.

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』6 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2017, p144/ anime season1 episode 24

To Tanjiro Kamado

After the battle against Rui’s family, Tanjiro and other Demon Slayers were at Cho yashiki, Shinobu’s house to get medical treatment and training. One night, Tanjiro was meditating on the roof of Cho yashiki and Shinobu came to talk to him. Tanjiro asked her if she was angry. He said he could smell her anger all the time though she always kept smile on her face. She admitted she had been angry since her sister was killed by a demon.

Her sister had kind mind like Tanjiro and she had sympathized with demons all the time. She even felt pity on them when she was dying. Shinobu couldn’t feel that way, but she thought she had to carry on her sister’s thought. She had been trying to find a way so that she didn’t have to kill pity demons and keeping smile on her face, which her sister liked. And she said, “But I’m kind of getting tired.”, and told Tanjiro that she was relieved to see he was also working hard. Shinobu is kind of a cool person but she also keeps tragedy in her heart like other Slayers. After she left, Tanjiro told himself that he must train harder.


Depressing? Much more than that. You killed my sister, didn’t you? Don’t you remember this Haori (kimono)?

つらいも何もあるものか 私の姉を殺したのはお前だな? この羽織に見覚えはないか

Tsurai mo nani mo arumonoka. Watashi no ane wo koroshita nowa omae dana? Kono haori ni mioboe wa naika.

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』16 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2017, p162

To Doma, the 12 Moon Demon.

Shinobu met Doma, the demon that killed her sister, in the Mugenjo where Muzan Kibutsuji, the progenitor of all demons sent Slayers including Shinobu to. When she found him, he was eating a young girl. She tried to save her, but Doma killed the girl easily. He explained he was saving people by killing them so that they could be relieved from fear and pain and they could live forever inside him by eating them. Shinobu already noticed the demon was the one to avenge that time and said, “You are insane. You make me sick.” Doma answered “This is our first meeting, and you are so harsh. Oh, you must have something depressing.” Then she goes this line. Shinobu always stayed calm and cool through the story, and this was the first time she showed her strong anger.


Yes, I am angry, Tanjiro. I’ve been angry the whole time. My parents were killed. My sister was killed. My disciples except Kanawo were killed. They must have lived calm lives with their families if their families weren’t killed by demons. Pisses me off. Screw you, idiot. Why my poisons don’t work on you, bastard!

そう 私怒ってるんですよ 炭治郎君 ずっと ず———っと怒ってますよ 親を殺された 姉を殺された カナヲ以外の継子も殺された あの子たちだって本当なら今も 鬼に身内を殺されていなければ今も 家族と幸せに暮らしてた ほんと頭にくる ふざけるな 馬鹿 なんで毒効かないのよ コイツ 馬鹿野郎

Sou, watahi, okotteru n desuyo, Tanjiro kun. Zutto, zu--------tto okotte masuyo. Oya wo korosareta. Ane wo korosareta. Kanawo igai no tsuguko mo korosareta. Anoko tachi datte hontou nara ima mo Oni ni miuchi wo korosarete inakereba ima mo kazoku to shiawase ni kurashiteta. Honto atama ni kuru. Fuzakeruna, baka. Nande doku kikanainoyo, koitsu. Bakayaro.

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』17 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2019, p12

To Tanjiro first, and then Doma (in Shinobu’s mind)

At the battle against Doma, Shinobu used many kinds of poisons to him but he detoxified all and none of them didn’t work on him. Doma was totally dominating the battle. Shinobu was already fatally injured but didn’t give up and kept on attacking him. When she gave another thrust into him, she recalled when Tanjiro asked her if she was angry on the roof of Cho yashiki. She answered his question again in her mind as she recognized the reason to confront demons again: to save lives and not to make more victims like Shinobu. Then she focused her conscious on the enemy in front of her. I think Shinobu was hiding true herself the whole time since she lost her sister. She pretended and acted like her sister, who she respected and wanted to be. But, at the last battle for her (she knew she wouldn’t survive), she revealed herself, her anger towards demons and that was what made her so strong and brave.

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Just go to hell, Jerk.

とっととくたばれ 糞野郎

Tottoto kutabare, kusoyaro.

Source: Author Koyoharu Gotoge 『Demon Slayer』19 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2020, p60

To Doma

Shinobu was sadly taken into Doma and her disciple Kanawo just came to find it. Kanawo’s anger reached its peak and they had a fierce battle. Fighting together with Inosuke Hashibira, who came to the battle place by chance, they finally cut off the demon’s head. In the afterlife, Shinobu was waiting for Doma. He already lost his body and only his head was in Shinobu’s hand and they had a little talk there. She said she knew someone would take over her will and cut off Doma’s head. Suddenly, he blushed his cheek and told her that he felt in love with her and asked her to go to hell together. This line was her answer to him. Doma was an emotionless person since he was human, and that was the first time he felt emotion, which was love for Shinobu. But, of course, she cut down his offer and said the line with smile like a goddess. It was the coolest moment of her!

The main theme of Demon Slayer is to pass over people’s will. Like other victims of demons, Shinobu also had a hard time but she took over her sister’s will and her will was taken over to her disciple. I believe her soul was saved and rests in peace.

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