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Secrets Hidden in NINE Names Of One For All Users【MY HERO ACADEMIA】

MHA is getting interesting more than ever before! The final arc has started in manga and the whole picture of One For All is getting revealed. Here's some information of the O.F.A. users.

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1. Names and Quirks of O.F.A. users

All O.F.A. users are:

  • 1st Yoichi (与一 よいち) Quirk: One for All  (He was a young brother of All for One.)
  • 2nd Unknown
  • 3rd Unknown Quirk: Fa Jin
  • 4th Hikage Shinomori (四ノ森 避影 しのもり ひかげ) Quirk: Danger Sense
  • 5th Daigoro Banjo (万縄 大悟郎 ばんじょう だいごろう) Quirk: Whip
  • 6th En (煙 えん) Quirk: Smoke
  • 7th Nana Shimura (志村 奈々 しむら なな) Quirk: Floating
  • 8th Toshinori Yagi (八木 俊典 やぎ としのり) Quirkless (He used to be No.1 Hero All Might.)
  • 9th Izuku Midoriya (緑谷 出久 みどりや いずく) Quirkless (Deku!)

2. The numbers hidden in users’ names

All O.F.A. users have numbers in their names:

  • 1st Yoichi (“ichi” means one)
  • 2nd Unknown
  • 3rd Unknown
  • 4th Hikage Shinomori (“shi” means four)
  • 5th Daigoro Banjo (“go” means five)
  • 6th En
  • 7th Nana Shimura (“nana means seven)
  • 8th Toshinori Yagi (“ya” means eight)
  • 9th Izuku Midoriya (“ku” means nine)

The number hidden in their names matches to the order of succession. Interesting, isn’t it? We don’t know the 6th user’s last name, yet and it should be something contains a word that means six. By the way, Tomura Shigaraki, the successor of A.F.O. is Deku’s arch enemy and his name Tomura has “to” in it. “To” means ten in Japanese (十 とお). I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but “Tomura” is not a common name, so it could be some reason…

3. The meaning of 9

There are 9 users for O.F.A.... That reminded me of someone; Nine from the second MHA movie. He was called Nine and he could hold 9 quirks at the same time. But, why 9? The ancient people considered 9 is the ultimate number because it was the biggest as a digit number. I think the Horikoshi sensei meant it and used the number for the villain Nine and O.F.A. users.

4. Why was Deku told that 6 more quirks would appear on him? not 9?

In the episode 213, The 5th user Daigoro Banjo appeared in Deku’s subconscious level and told him:

From now on, 6 “quirks” will appear on you, boy. Okay?

いいか坊主 おまえには これから 6つの“個性”が 発現するさ
いいか ぼうず おまえには これから 6つの “こせい”が はつげんするさ
Iika Bozu Omae niwa korekara muttsuno “kosei” ga hatsugen surusa

Source: Author Kohei Horikoshi 『My Hero Academia』23 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2019, episode213 p12

Deku is the 9th user, but why 6? That’s what I thought at first. But the answer was easy. The 1st one Yoichi’s quirk is One for All itself and All Might and Deku (8th and 9th) are quirkless. So, you subtract 3 from 9, it's6 quirks.

5. Can’t O.F. A. users live long?

Yes. Taking over O.F.A. means to have 2 quirks in your body at the same time (your original quirk and O.F.A.). As the result, your body cannot bear the load and gets old rapidly. The 4th user Hikage Shinomori died from old age at the age of 40. However, of course, it doesn’t happen to a quirkless person like All Might and Deku since they start from zero.

6. Basic info about One For All

One For All and All For One are brothers
One For All and All For One started from a brothers. While the older brother’s quirk All For One took other people’s quirks and could use them as his quirks, the younger brother’s quirk All For One was to pass down one’s quirk to another one. Because its characteristic, A.F.O. gained a strong power and became a threat to the society back then. A.F.O. even tried to take his young brother Yoichi’s quirk, All For One. But Yoichi refused it and decided to pass A.F.O. down to others to defeat A.F.O. Since then, one who took over O.F.A. cultivated a power and passed it to next one.

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