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Deku: The Way To One For All 100%【My Hero Academia】

While most people in the world have some kind of special power called “Quirk”, a “quirkless” boy Izuku Midoriya (Deku) struggles to make the overwhelming quirk “One For All” his own. Since the quirk has an enormous power, he needed to train his body to adapt it little by little. I drew the summary of O.F.A. percentage achieved by his hard work.

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Stage 1: Quirkless

Deku’s ordinary life has changed 180 degrees after he met No.1 Hero All Might. To succeed All Might’s quirk One For All, he went through the hard training to make his body strong enough.

Stage 2: Quirk Succession

After the 10-month painstaking training, Deku was finally ready to take over O.F.A. The succession was unique; All Might took his single hair and told Deku to swallow it. He explained that Deku needed to take his DNA into Deku’s body. Well….it makes sense…but…gross! Deku exactly looked like that, but he made an effort here as well and took over No. 1 Hero’s quirk successfully.

Source: Kohei Horikoshi 『My Hero Academia』vol. 1,p84

Stage 3: 0%

Though Deku took over O.F.A., his ability was far from its perfect control. The powerful quirk kept on breaking his arms and legs every time he used it.

  • He broke his right arm and both legs at the entrance exam for U.A. High School to save Ochako Uraraka (麗日 お茶子 うららか おちゃこ).
  • He injured his right index finger at the physical exam in school.
  • He did “Detroit Smash” and broke his right arm at the battle training in class.
  • He broke his right thumb, right middle finger, and legs when the League of Villains attacked U.A. High School. At the same time, Deku managed to use O.F.A. without breaking his body for the first time.
  • He broke his both arms and left legs in the school festival.

Stage 4: 5%

All might’s teacher from high school, Gran Torino couldn’t stand watching that Deku was unable to control O.F.A., he invited him to his Hero office as an internship. During the internship, Deku got a hint from the microwave and leaned to spread the energy evenly throughout his body. By using the move, he acquired “One For All Full Crawl”. Even though the maximum power his body permitted was only 5% at this point, this awareness was a big step for him to be a true O.F.A. user.

Battle against STAIN the Hero killer in Hosu city

In the battle, he learned O.F.A. Full Crawl worked in actual battle and defeated the villain without breaking his arms of legs. Deku got injured, but the experience of this battle must have let him notice that his effort in trainings was certainly working.
O.F.A. Full Crawl also surprised his classmates because it highly improved his agility.

Source: Kohei Horikoshi 『My Hero Academia』vol 6, p162

Battle against Muscular in the summer camp

During the summer camp, Deku’s class got a surprise attack by the League of Villains. Deku encountered one of them, Muscular and defeated him by himself though he got both arms broken. The fact a high school boy had beaten up the tough villain whose whole body was covered with muscles totally surprised other members of the League.

All Might retired from Hero activities.

After the dead fight against the old enemy All For One, All Might used up the energy of O.F.A. left in his body. His retirement didn’t do anything with Deku’s quirk physically, but it meant a lot to him mentally as a successor of All Might’s quirk.

Switching to shoot style

Even though Deku defeated the tough villain Muscular, the cost of victory was a lot. He hurt his right arm and the doctor warned him that he might not be able to use it if he broke it a couple of times more again. Because of that, Deku had to find another way instead of using the punch style. With the support of Mei Hatsume, the student from the support course, he established his own style “One For All Full Crawl Shoot Style”.

Obtaining a Hero temporary license.

With the license, Deku can act as a pro Hero in cases of emergency. When he got a temporary license, he was so excited and took a picture of the license card to send to his mon and All Might. Deku’s improvement is stunning, but still, he is just an adorable high school boy.

Stage 5: 8%

Fight with Katsuki Bakugo (爆豪 勝己 ばくごう かつき)

Since Bakugo is Deku’s neighbor, they grew up together and now they are classmates. While the quirkless boy Bakugo used to know was changing and growing amazingly, Bakugo kept complex feelings inside him. Finally, he burst his emotion and picked a fight with Deku and Deku understood his feeling so that he accepted the challage. During the fight, Deku noticed that his body got stronger to bear 8% of O.F.A.

Stage 6: 20%

Battle against Overhaul

Next villain Deku fought with was too strong. Overhaul, the young captain of Yakuza, Shiei Hassaikai got an overwhelming power and quirk, and pro Heroes struggled with him and his yakuza members. Deku managed to keep 20% of O.F.A. and attacked him.

Source: Kohei Horikoshi 『My Hero Academia』vol.17, p155

Air Force

When Deku was working hard to control O.F.A. more precisely with All Might, Mei Matsume offed the support again. She invented new gloves for him so that he can shoot an air cannon to the direction he aims. Deku ran into Gentle Criminal the villain in the morning of school festival day and fought with him with the gloves he just got.

Source: Kohei Horikoshi 『My Hero Academia』vol.19, p140

The dream of O.F.A. successors

Around this time, Deku started having a dream about O.F.A. successors (he is the 9th successor.) and he also saw the memory of the 1st O.F.A. user in the dream. All Might had already told Deku about it before, but one thing different than what All Might had said was the 1st user spoke to Deku directly. According to All Might, seeing the memory was supposed to be like watching a movie; he wasn’t supposed to be able to interfere with other successors including the 1st.

The explosion of O.F.A. during the joint training

While Deku was working hard on controlling O.F.A., the black whip-like energy burst out of his arm during the joint training with 1-B class. He totally lost control of it and couldn’t stop it. However, with the help of Ochako and Hitoshi Shinso (心操 人使 しんそう ひとし), the exploded quirk was calm down and he met the guy he saw in that dream in his unconscious level again. The guy was Daigoro Banjo (万縄 大悟郎 ばんじょう だいごろう) , the 5th user of O.F.A., and he said the black energy was his quirk. He also told Deku that his quirk is good quirk for Deku and 6 other quirks out of 8 O.F.A. users were going to appear on Deku eventually.

Internship at Endeavor’s office and the training to acquire the 5th user quirk

For Deku, at this point, it was too complicated to control the quirk “Whip”, the 5th quick at the same time while he was keeping 20% output of O.F.A. But the experience and training in the Endeavor’s office made him improve gradually. All Might told him that it was the time to train for the 7th user quirk “Floating”.

Stage 7: 30%-40%

The Hero Public Safety Commission got the information about The League of Villains planning a massive attack in April and all heroes in the country prepared for it. Deku, who realized that the purpose of A.F.O. was him (O.F.A.), he headed to Tomura Shigaraki (死柄木 弔 しがらき とむら), the captain of League. At this point, Deku could bear about 30% of O.F.A. constantly and could lift it up to 45% at the moment of impact. He also was able to handle the 7th user quirk “Floating” already. The effort he had made was unfathomable.

4th user quirk “Danger Sense”

During the deadly battle between Heroes and the League of Villains, Deku suddenly felt a head-stinging feeling; the 4th user quirk “Danger Sense” appeared. However, Deku was not able to handle it yet, and he was about to lose consciousness.

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Stage 8: 45% Obtaining all quirks from O.F.A. successors 【Now Here】

Conversation with O.F.A. users

2 days after the battle, Deku was lying in bed in hospital still being unconscious: he was meeting O.F.A. successors again below the level of consciousness.
The 1st user explained:

  • All O.F.A. users just had stayed inside O.F.A. before but started having consciousness and now they could communicate with each other.
  • If a normal person takes over O.F.A., they have 2 quirks in them at the same time (their own quirk and O.F.A), and they would end up dying young because of that. So, O.F.A. can be handled by a quirkless person like Deku.
  • It is almost impossible to find a quirkless one who would be willing to take over O.F.A. anymore (Quirkless were almost extinct.) so that Deku might be the last user of O.F.A.

The 7th user, Nana Shimura (志村 奈々 しむら なな) also explained that Deku must have a strong will to kill Tomura Shigaraki, who took over the quirks from A.F.O. Deku accepted all and answered he would defeat A.F.O. no matter what and he would even want to save Tomura because he saw the image of little Tomura terrifying and crying inside him under consciousness. Deku never gives up saving people. He is a true hero.

Source: Kohei Horikoshi 『My Hero Academia』 Shonen JUMP No.14,

The 6th quirk “Smoke”

Deku left U.A. High School to confront A.F.O. and keep hero activities by his own in parallel. Right after the bloody battle, The League of Villains attacked jails all over the country and more than 10,000 villains have escaped while the Hero Public Safety Commission were not functioning. People are in chaos and crimes by villains happen everywhere on streets. Deku became much stronger than before and fight with villains and the 6th user En( 煙 えん) was next to him to support (He doesn’t really exist though.)

The remaining users are the 2nd and the 3rd now, and it seems they have become Deku’s support in the episode 310. Can’t wait for the coming episodes.

Source:Kohei Horikoshi 『My Hero Academia』 Shonen JUMP No.21.22
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