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Summary Of Tokyo Revengers Official Arts And Tweet Translations 【Mikey】

Here’s the summary of the official arts of Tokyo Revengers by the author Ken Wakui sensei on the official twitter account and the translation of his tweets.


July 3rd, 2018

I’m going to post some drawings I did during work (^ ^)
Shinichiro and Manjiro
*(Wa) → means Wakui sensei


July 3rd, 2018

Mikey’s favorite food


July 11th, 2018

Mikey from the present time in the first timeline.


August 20th, 2018

August 20th is Mikey’s birthday (^ ^)


August 22nd, 2018

Some of you might already notice but Emma’s height is 150cm, not 160cm
I’m sorry m(_ _)m
By the way, here’s the height difference of Sano brothers and sister.
Shinichiro likes slim-fit clothes.
Manjiro (3rd grade in middle school) wears something comfortable.
Emma (2nd grade in middle school) loves fashion.
By the way, Emma’s has a different mother from Shinichiro and Mikey.
Their dad is a bad boy.

*182cm→5’9”, 162cm→5’3”, 150cm→4’ 11”


August 28th, 2018

Summer is almost over.
I miss the beach.


August 30th, 2018

Today’s drawing
Chifuyu talking with Mikey what he would do from now on after the Bloody Halloween.
Mikey “Seriously, I won’t let you quit.”
Both “…”
Chifuyu “You finished the parfait.”
Mikey “My bad…It was good, so I just.”
Both “…”

*You can see this episode on the official YouTube channel, too! →”Chibiribe #24 by Tokyo Revengers"


September 29th, 2018

Toman t-shirt
Oversized one would be cool for petite sized people like Mikey and tight one for sturdy people like Draken (^ ^)
I can’t wait to get one for myself!


October 14th, 2018

A half of Manjiro = 5 thousands
5000 followers. Congratulation! (^ ^)

*The kanji for Manjiro is 万次郎. 万 means a 10 thousand, so a half 万 means 5000. In the drawing, Draken says “What is he doing?” and Takemicchi is like “Mikey kun…”


January 28th, 2019

Congratulations! 7000 followers!
Mikey “Finally, my turn!”
Takemichi “Wait! Mikey kun! It’s too early!”
Mikey “I don’t get to show up lately in the original story, either!”

*The kanji for Manjiro is 万次郎. 万 (Man) means 10 thousand. Mikey was about to celebrate 10 thousand followers, but Takemicchi stopped him. The sash Mikey is wearing says “Congrats. 10 thousand followers” and the one Takemichi is holding says “Congrats. 7000 followers.


March 5th, 2019

Today’s drawing
Mikey “Emma, give me a hairpin.”
Manjiro Sano (Mikey)
Birthdate Aug. 20th
162cm (5’3”)
56kg (123lbs)
Blood type B
Beloved motorcycle CB250T (Bab)
Favorite thing to do Sleeping
Favorite food Dorayaki, Taiyaki, Omelette and rice (with a flag)


April 5th, 2019

Today’s drawing
Shinichiro “You like motorcycles, too?”
Manjiro “Yup. I’m going to make the strongest team when I enter middle school.”
Shinichiro “Haha! That’s so like you, Manjiro!”
Manjiro “You gotta give me your Bab, then. Shinichiro.”
Shinichiro “I don’t know about that.”


April. 7th 2020

Takemichi “Yeah! Congrats, 30000 followers!!”
Manjiro and mtsuya “Hey, you are getting too excited over this.”
Takemichi “!? Hey, you guys are the ones getting too excited!”
Manjiro and Mitsuya “Huh?”
Thank you for your support and keep enjoying Tokyo Revengers (^ ^)


May 3rd, 2020

The theme for the color pages of episode 150 was 『memory』.
Mikey’s memory, Emma’s memory,
Izana’s memory.
The time they were smiling.


August 20th, 2020

Today, Aug. 20th is Mikey’s birthday (^ ^)
I drew him in color for celebrating a circulation of 5 million copies.
Keeping an ignited feeling in eyes and sash.


August 20 2021

Today, Aug. 20th is Manjiro Sano's birthday (^ ^)
With Tokyo Manji Kai captains.

I’m working on other official arts, I’ll post them soon!

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