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What Is The Background Of Megumi Fushiguro?/ Relationship With Tsumiki【Jujutsu Kaisen】

Do you like Megumi Fishiguro? Yes? So do I! He is my favorite character in the big hit anime Jujutsu Kaisen. Today, I’m going write about him.

Name: Megumi Fushiguro (伏黒 恵 ふしぐろ めぐみ)
Birthday: December 22nd
Height: about 175cm (5’ 7”) still growing…
Weight: ?
Occupation/Jujutsu class: Student (Sophomore in the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical School/ The 2nd-grade Jujutsu Sorcerer (under assessment for the 1st grade)
Jujutsu Technique: The Ten Shadow Technique (十種影法術 とくさのかげぼうじゅつ Tokusa no kage boujutsu)
Favorite things to do: reading (mostly non-fiction)
Favorite food: food that matches with ginger
Food not like to eat: paprika, sweet-taste dishes
Stresses: people (90%)
More info: What he looks for in room wear is how much comfortable they are.

Background and Ability

A successor of 3 big clans in the Jujutsu world

Megumi is descended from 3 big Jujutsu clans, Zenin (禪院 ぜんいん), Kamo (加茂 かも), Gojo (五条 ごじょう). His father, Toji Zenin (禪院 甚爾 ぜんいん とうじ) was born in the Zenin family and was treated terribly because he had no cursed energy with him. Because of that, he left the family and later, he got married with a woman so that he took her last name, Fushiguro, and then, they had a baby, Megumi.

Childhood with Tsumiki

Megumi calls Tsumiki “sister”, but they are not blood related. After Megumi’s mother died, his father disappeared with another woman and they left Megumi and the woman’s daughter, Tsumiki so that they grew up together like sister and brother. When he was in the 1st grade in elementary, Satoru Gojo (五条 悟 ごじょう さとる) came to him and since then, the Jujutsu tech has supported them. Megumi used to have a harsh attitude to Tsumiki because he was annoyed with her too-good personality, but he really cares about her deep in his heart. Tsumiki has been cursed and stayed unconscious since Megumi was in the 9 grade and the reason in not found out yet.

Potentials as a Jujutsu sorcerer

Even though Megumi’s father Toji didn’t have any cursed energy, Megumi himself was gifted as a Jujutsu sorcerer. He entered the Jujutsu tech school as the 2nd-grade sorcerer (usually starts with the 4th grade) and is the only one who is allowed to be on a solo mission among the classmates.

High physical ability inherited from his father

Megumi’s father Toji’s physical ability was incredible; he once almost killed Satoru Gojo who is the strongest sorcerer in the Jujutsu world though Satoru was a student and used up almost all his cursed energy on the other mission back then. Toji was given the super high physical ability instead of the cursed energy he was supposed to have, and it was kind of the heavenly pact, Satoru said. However, Megumi inherited his father’s physical ability and the family’s cursed energy too. He beat up all the bad boys around him when he was in middle school.


Cool, skeptic personality hiding complex feelings inside

Maybe because he went through a harsh childhood, he had already had a grown-up attitude in the 1st grade in elementary. He usually doesn’t talk much and doesn’t show his emotion either. Nobara Kugisaki (釘崎 野薔薇 くぎさき のばら)’s first impression towards Megumi was “high-and-mighty dude” and “a type of person who likes setting oil-slicked gulls on fire.”  His teacher Satoru Gojo pointed out that Megumi tended to underestimate himself and others and it kept him from improving his strength. After that, through the battle against a cursed spirit in the Yasohachi bridge (八十八橋 やそはちばし), he remembered the advice and grew a lot as a sorcerer.

Kind mind to care about his friends

Megumi seems he doesn’t care about others and even himself but actually he does care about his friends a lot. He noticed something was wrong with Yuji and was worried about him when he met Yuji after revival (Yuji just lost his friend Junpei Yoshino (吉野 順平 よしの じゅんぺい) right before then.).

Feeling towards his sister Tsumiki

Since Toji and Tsumiki’s mother left Megumi and Tsumiki alone, they lived and grew up together like sister and brother, but they are not blood related. He calls Tsumiki “sister” but when Aoi Todo (東堂 葵 とうどう あおい) asked him what his type was, the person he thought of first was Tsumiki. We don’t know if he has more feeling than just brother and sister for Tsumiki yet tough.

The Jujutsu technique

The Ten Shadow Technique (十種影法術 とくさのかげぼうじゅつ Tokusa no kage boujutsu)

Megumi’s Jujutsu technique conjures Shikigami (式神 しきがみ) , fierce animal-like gods, by using shadows as an intermediary (usually a talisman is used) and the technique has been inherited among the Zenin family. Sukuna Ryomen (両面 宿儺 りょうめん すくな) showed an interest when he saw Megumi’s technique and even saved him in the Shibuya incident but the reason has not been revealed yet.

There are 10 kinds of Shikigami in the Ten Shadow Technique. Once a shikigami is destroyed, you can’t manifest it again, however, the power and technique the Shikigami had converts into another one.

The domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow garden

Chimera Shadow garden (嵌合暗翳庭 かんごうあんえいてい Kango anei tei) is the Domain Expansion used by Megumi. You lay the shadow pond inside the domain and enables you to make full use of the Ten Shadow Technique including quick manifesting of Shikigami and refinement of your clones. Megumi succeeded to lay his domain in the battle at the Yasohachi Bridge though he said the domain was incomplete.


でも死 (し)なせたくありません 

source: Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』Vol. 1

I don’t want to let him die.
Demo shinasetaku arimasen.

When Sukuna Ryomen incarnated in Yuji Itadori (虎杖悠仁 いたどりゆうじ)’s body, Megumi begged Satoru Gojo not to let him die. Yuji was supposed to be executed under the Jujutsu regulation. As the result, Yuji evaded a death sentence and started his life as the vessel of Sukuna. Later, Megumi looked it back and explained that he said it with no logical thought, but he just didn’t want to watch good people like Yuji die.

因果応報 (いんがおうほう) は全自動 (ぜんじどう) ではない
悪人 (あくにん) は法 (ほう) の下 (した) で初 (はじ) めて裁 (さば) かれる
呪術師 (じゅじゅつし) はそんな”報 (むく) い”の歯車 (はぐるま) の一 (ひと) つだ

source: Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』Vol. 2

Karma is not automatic. A bad guy would be judged only after he is brought to the court. Jujutsu sorcerers are one of the cogs of the “Karma”.
Ingaouhou wa zenjidou ja nai Akunin wa hou no shita de hajimete sabakareru Jujutsushi wa sonna mukui no haguruma no hitotsu da

His sister was cursed even though she was a nice person. Megumi's father left him when he was little. Megumi went though many unreasonable things and he found the place and the way to live his life.

俺 (おれ) は不平等 (ふびょうどう) に人 (ひと) を助 (たす) ける

source: Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』Vol. 2

I save people unequally.
Ore wa fubyodo ni hito wo tasukeru.

Related to the quote above, he said he saved people he wanted to survive. As he went through a harsh childhood, he believes that life is not equal and only the unequal reality is given to us equally. There is not anything like karma that happens automatically, and Jujutsu sorcerers are a cog to give rewards to people who deserve.

俺 (おれ) は 強 (つよ) くなるんだ そのためなら何 (なん) だって

source: Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』Vol. 2

I have to get stronger. I’ll do anything for that.
Ore wa tsuyoku narunda. Sono tame nara nandatte.

Yuji once died after the battle in the juvenile detention center. He revived soon but it was hidden to the most people in the Jujutsu tech according to Satoru’s intention. Though Megumi and Nobara didn’t show their feelings much about his death, they thought of Yuji and told themselves this word when they were asked to attend the exchange event between 2 Jujutsu tech schools. The death of their classmate made them have their believes tighter.

次 (つぎ) 死 (し) んだら殺 (ころ) す

source: Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』Vol. 6

I’ll kill you if you die again.
Tsugi shindara korosu.

At the battle against the special-grade cursed spirit in the juvenile detention center, Yuji made Megumi run away with Nobara and lost his life (His direct cause of death was not the spirit but Sukuna though). And again, when Hanami (花御 はなみ) the special-grade cursed spirit gave a sudden attack to the Jujutsu tech, Yuji told Megumi to leave because he was injured. This is why Megumi said “again” and you can see their deep friendship here.

俺 (おれ) も強 (つよ) くなる すぐに追 (お) い付 (つ) くぞ

source: Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』Vol. 7

I’m going to be stronger, too. I’ll catch up with you soon.
Ore mo Tsuyoku naru. Sugu ni oitsuku zo.

After the battle against Hanami, Megumi was painfully aware of Yuji’s growth as a sorcerer. As Megumi, Yuji and Nobara were eating pizza together in Megumi’s room, Megumi admitted Yuji’s power and said he’d catch up soon. They got such a good relationship!

後 (あと)でな

source: Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』Vol. 12

Ato de na.

In the Shibuya incident, Yuji told Megumi to help the injured Jujutsu sorcerer, Takuma Ino (猪野 琢真 いの たくま) and he would be ahead to the Shibuya station where many people were trapped by the evil curse users. Megumi didn’t want Yuji to go alone because it was so dangerous out there but knew Yuji’s suggestion was the best idea that time. So, he said “Later.”, and meant “don’t die”.

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