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Juju Sanpo: What They Were Eating In Ep 13【Jujutsu Kaisen】

I love Juju Sanpo as much as the original Jujutsu Kaisen story. I can’t watch every episode without laughing. But the episode13 was kind of serious. Megumi and other students are eating together, and they talked about the meatball recipe Yuji had taught Megumi. I guess they didn’t know Yuji revied at that time yet, they got a little emotional looking at the meatballs.

What were they eating?

They are eating food called “nabe (鍋(なべ)". Nabe is a popular traditional dish for winter in Japan. We put various kinds of food inside a big pot called "donabe" and boil them with soup together. It’s very fun to eat hot nabe with your family or your friends in the cold season. Basically, you can put anything you want inside nabe and here are some typical types of nabe:

Yosenabe 寄せ鍋(よせなべ)a nabe with vegetables, tofu, seafood, and meat in soy seafood-based soup. “yose” means to gather, you can gather many kinds of food and put them in a pot.
Chanko nabe ちゃんこ鍋(ちゃんこなべ) a nabe with vegetables, tofu, seafood, and meat in soy chicken soup. The nabe was used to be Sumo wrestlers’ recipe. They cook chanko nabe and eat together after training.
Sukiyaki すき焼き(すきやき) a nabe with meat, vegetables, and tofu in soy source-based soup. Since meat is main food in this nabe compared to other nabes, it sounds kind of expensive dish.
Kimchi nabe キムチ鍋(きむちなべ)   a nabe with vegetables, tofu, seafood, and meat in sea food and kimchi-based soup.
Mizutaki 水炊き(みずたき) a nabe with vegetables, tofu, seafood, and meat boiled with water ( soup stock is often used, but not seasoned). You eat them with sauce like ponzu (made of soy sauce and citrus juices), sesame sauce, etc.
Motsu nabe もつ鍋(もつなべ)a nabe with vegetables, tofu, seafood, meat and beef or pork offal in soup. Motsu means offal.
Shabu shabu しゃぶしゃぶ a nabe with thin sliced beef or pork and vegetables. You soak sliced meats into boiled water in a pot and eat them with sauce like ponzu or sesame sauce. Shabu shabu is an otomatopoeia of putting something in and out water.
Oden おでん a nabe with vegetables cut big ,boiled egg and tofu with soy sauce-based soup. In some area, people eat them with miso, and it’s called miso oden.

I think the Jujutsu tech students were eating Yosenabe by how they looked and they had meat balls inside. It could be Chanko, but Yosenabe is more popular. The differenbe between them is what kind of soup you use. You use soy sauce based soup for Yosenabe and Chiken soup for Chanko. You can make your own soup at home and you can buy a pouch of soup in supermarkets, too.

You can find many types of soup in a supermarket in winter.

deko nabe

There are so many more kinds of nabe. A couple of years ago, deko nabe became popular. Deko means decoration and you make animals or anime characters in nabe by using food. Some people make amazing deko nabe!

Related words you should know about nabe

Renge (れんげ) Renge is a spoon made of pottery and you use it when you eat nabe, soup, ramen, etc.  It’s larger and deeper than a metal spoon so that it’s easier to scoop large amount of soup and also it doesn’t get too hot compared to metal ones.

Shime (しめ) People usually put some kinds of carbs like rice or noodle into the left soup after they eat nabe, the carb is called shime.

Shirataki (しらたき) It’s a noodle made of konnyaku(konjac). Konnyaku is a jelly-like food made of konnyaku yam. Shirataki is also called ito konnyaku. Ito means strings. Shirataki itself has almost no taste. But it’s very good when you put it in nabe.

Warishita (わりした) Warisita is a thick sauce made of seasoning like soy sauce, sake, sugar, etc. You usually use the word for soup in Sukiyaki. Actually, I never heard anybody using the word for other recipes.

Nabebugyou (なべぶぎょう) If your friend is very particular about nabe, you can call them “nabebugyou”. It’s sometimes used ironic or negative way. Nabe is a dish that has no set way of cooking, you just enjoy cooking and eating with your people. But sometimes, some people love nabe too much and they don’t allow others to do different ways to make nabe, they are nabebugyou!

Example of conversation about Nabebugyou
You “Let’s start making Yosenabe. I’m going to put meat and vegetables and…”
Friend A “Wait! You can put meat first! You have to put vegetables first so that they make tasty soup.”
You “Oh, ok.”
10 minutes later.
You “Well….I think we can put meat now.”
Friend A “No, no! You can’t put meat next to Shirataki, the meat gets hard!”
You “Ah…..ok…”
Friend B “Never mind. She is always like that when she makes nabe. She is nabebugyou.”
Friend A “I know I am. Oh, don’t stir it yet! You need to put the rid on and wait for 5 minutes!”

Nabe is a very popular and loved dish in winter. I think Gojo sensei and the students must love it, too!

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