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Who Is Shinra’s Love Interest? Guessing From Scenes And Quotes【Fire Force】

Do you remember that Shinra Kusakabe said he didn’t like Arthur Boyle? It was because Arthur was popular with the ladies and Shinra wasn’t. I don’t think so. Maybe he wasn’t. But after Shinra has joined the Special Fire Force, he has been getting a lot of attention from women whether he has noticed it or not. Let’s see who would make a good match for him?

Maki Oze (茉希 尾瀬 まき おぜ)

Maki is a beautiful and strong firefighter with military background. On Shinra’s first day of the Company 8, Shinra got a little nervous talking with Maki because she was close to him. That’s understandable. She is so attractive. However, any more stories between them can’t be seen after that. It seems they have built a good relationship of trust as co-workers.

Here’s an article about Maki’s love interest→ Who's Maki Oze’s Love Interest? It's Hinawa! 【Fire Force】

Iris (アイリス)

A lovely nun prays for infernalizd people as a member of the Special Fire Force. She is so kind and forgiven. It seems Iris always cares about Shinra.

When Shinra was complaining that Arthur was popular with the ladies and Shinra wasn’t, Iris said right away,

Sinra, you are cool, too.

Shinra san mo kakkoii desuyo

Atsushi Okubo『Fire Force』vol.1 p110

Also, when Shinra gave Iris a little advice about what she was worrying about, Iris smiled and said,

If I get in trouble next time, you will the first person I talk to about it, Shinra!

今度 (こんど) また悩 (なや) みがあったら 一番 (いちばん) にシンラさんに相談 (そうだん) しますね!
Kondo mata nayami ga attara ichiban ni Shinra san ni soudan shimasu ne!

Atsushi Okubo『Fire Force』vol.17 p184

Shinra's reaction

Sinra obviously likes her…He likes her A LOT. But it’s not like he wants to go out with her or anything like that (he understands their positions, Iris is a nun) He admires her thoughtful mind, and her warm heart sometimes reminds Shinra of his mother.

Shinra said that

We can fight because you look at the Sun…the light for us!!
You are like a sunflower for the Company 8.

シスターが太陽 (たいよう) を…光 (ひかり) を見 (み) ていてくれるから俺 (おれ) たちは戦 (たたか) える!!
シスターは第 (だい) 8にとって向日葵 (ひまわり) のような存在 (そんざい) なんです
Shisuta- ga taiyo wo… hikari wo mite ite kureru kawa oretachi ha tatakaeru!!
Shisuta- wa dai 8 ni totte himawari no youna sonzai nandesu

Atsushi Okubo『Fire Force』vol.17 p178

Princess Hibana (プリンセス火華 ひばな)

A young attractive captain of the Company 5 fell in love with Shinra after they fought in the Company 5 facility. Shinra asked Hibara why she became so cooperative all sudden and she answered to Shinra,

Because… I’ve got crush on you…

だって… 好 (す)きになっちゃったんだもん…
Datte… suki ni nacchatta n damon…

Atsushi Okubo『Fire Force』vol.3 p85

After that, Hibana often made up excuses and came to see Shinra in the Company 8. For example, she brought a “bento” (lunch box) to Shinra. Her excuse was she didn’t want to waste her bento because she forgot that she had made it and bought a “melon pan” (sweet bread) for herself.

Shinra’s reaction

It doesn’t seem that he has a special feeling towards her though Shinra does think Hibana is attractive. Therefore, I don’t think Hibana is the one for Shinra…

He got extremely excited when he heard Hibana, Maki and Iris took a shower together.

When he heard about the nude calendar made by firefighters form the Special Fire Force, he was so excited to see the page of the Company 5. Unfortunately, the nude calendar was only made by male fighters, so Shinra couldn’t get to see naked Hibana. Poor Shinra!

Tamaki Kotastu (環 古達 たまき こたつ)

A cute firefighter with the ability of Third Generation. Tamaki and Shinra always fight like little kids. Tamaki pretends like she doesn’t care about him, but I think she likes him.

When Shinra asked her for her number, she first pretended that she didn’t want to and she was like, “I would tell you if you really want…”. But then, she found out that Shinra was asking not for him but for Juggernaut and she got so mad at Shinra.

When Shinra is talking to Iris and grinning, Tamaki always says “gross!” to him. I guess she is jealous…!?

Shinra’s reaction

It seems he is not interested in her. He even said that he liked Iris not her (If you want to know the detail of this conversation, see → Who's Maki Oze’s Love Interest? It's Hinawa! 【Fire Force】 ). But the character chart of the comic says they are interested in each other. Maybe they are too shy to be honest.

Here are some stories between them:

He saved her when Rekka Hoshimiya was about to kill her. At the time, she held on to Shinra’s back and told him to defeat Rekka (she was almost naked!). By the way, Shinra kissed Tamaki’s cheek by accident at that time. (manga comic vol 4, anime ep 1-9)

When Tamaki was sitting in the corner of the staff cafeteria, Shinra noticed and asked her to sit next to him. She used to be bullied in school because of her “Lucky Lewd Syndrome”, and Shinra also used to be because of his ‘Devil smile”. So, he could understand her feeling (manga comic vol 20, anime ep 2-23).

Inka kasugatani (因果 春日谷 いんか かすがたに)

She is the 5th pillar with a clairvoyant power. She liked with Shinra by Adolla Link and asked him to go back to the past before the Great Disaster. And she also said,

Then you are going to fall in love with me.
I can see. That you and I are going to be in love.

そしてインカと恋 (こい) に落 (お) ちるの
私 (わたし) には見 (み) えるから インカと愛 (あい) し合 (あ) うって

Soshite Inka to koi ni ochiru no
Watashi niwa mieru kara Inka to aishiautte

Atsushi Okubo『Fire Force』vol.25 p 54

We don’t know if she was just joking, but if she was serious, the one for Shinra is Inka…
Is it just me or does Tamaki make a better match for Shinra?

Shinra’s reaction

Shinra didn’t believe what Inka said at all and, he thought she was just joking So, he didn’t have any special feeling towards her at all at that point.

Amaterasu (天照 アマテラス)

Atsushi Okubo『Fire Force』vol.11

She is the first pillar who is trapped in the thermal power plant “Amaterasu (天照 アマテラス)”. She sometimes appears in front of Shinra through Adolla Link, and she is always naked. The first time Shinra saw her by Adolla Link, he thought she was Iris since they look alike and blamed on himself that he had a dream of naked sister (he couldn’t see Iris directly for while…)

Shinra’s reaction

Amaterasu once took over Shinra’s mind and he went out of control. So, Shinra calls her ‘crazy girl”. However, the reason she acts crazy is because people trapped her in the thermal power plant to use her Adolla Burst against her will. So, if she is saved from the plant in the future, I think there is a possibility that Shinra would be interested in her.

As I wrote above, I think Tamaki and Shinra would make a best match. What do you think?

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