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Why Does Yuji Itadori From Jujutsu Kaisen Loved By People? 【Analysis and Quotes】

Yuji Itadori is a main character of the famous anime Jujutsu Kaisen. Though he is considered as an extremely dangerous person because he is a vessel of the evil cursed spirit, Sukuna Ryomen, people who meet him come to like him. So, I’m going to write about his attraction today!


Name: Yuji Itadori (虎杖 悠仁 いたどり ゆうじ)
Age: 16
Birthday: March 20th
Occupation: Student (sophomore in the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu technical school) / Jujutsu sorcerer (under assessment for the 1st grade)
Height: about 173cm (5’ 8”) still growing…
Weight: over 80kg (176lbs) His body fat is the single digit!
More info:
・He got a large repertoire of impersonation (but the quality is alright…)
・He is not a picky eater. (He even ate a finger.)
・Though he is not a big fan of hoodies, he tries a lot of clothes and always ends up with foodies.

Incredibly high physical ability

In the game of shot put against Mr. Takagi, a teacher of the truck and field club, a shot he threw hit and got stuck into a soccer ball post 30m away from him. The world record is 23m12.

Since he is extraordinarily strong, he has many rumors like he cleared all the games in the TV show SASUKE, he is a reincarnation of Mirko Cro Cop (Mirko is alive!), he can run 50m in 3seconds, etc…

He kicked and broke the window of the 4th floor in school and jumped inside to save his friends. He also jumped on a huge cursed spirit and punched it down to the floor. His enormous power made Megumi Fushiguro amazed.

A vessel of Sukuna

By swallowing a finger of the ancient person who was considered as the fierce imaginary god Sukuna Ryomen (両面 宿儺 りょうめん すくな) recklessly, Sukuna incarnated inside Yuji’s body. Instead of getting executed immediately under the Jujutsu regulation, he was given a suspension while he finds and swallows all 20 fingers (Sukuma has 4 arms). A normal person would die because Sukuna’s fingers are the special-grade cursed object, which is deadly poison, but Yuji’s body was tough enough to bear it and chose to live as a vessel of Sukuna. According to Satoru Gojo, his talent as the vessel is rarely seen in a thousand years.

Since he became a vessel of Sukuna, Yuji and Sukuna coexist in Yuji’s body. Usually, Yuji’s conscious dominates his body and doesn’t let Sukuna control it. Yuji hears Sukuna’s voice inside his head daily and sometimes Sukuna shows up on his skin and talks.

More fingers Yuji swallows, more cursed energy Sukuna gets back. When Yuji swallowed the second finger Satoru gave to him, nothing happened, but when the special-grade cursed spirit Jogo (漏湖 じょうご) made him swallow 10 fingers at once in Shibuya, Yuji couldn’t control his body and Sukuna’s conscious dominated his body. Also, changing conscious for selfish reasons is not allowed by the Jujutsu pact. At the battle against the special-grade cursed spirit in the Eishu Juvenile Prison, Yuji let Sukuna control his body on purpose to beat the spirit, and because of the self-interested reason, Yuji’s conscious couldn’t come back to his body for a while.

Straight and honest mind

Yuji is such a straight person. He doesn’t hesitate to scarify himself to save others and accepts his fate straightly no matter how hard it is. His braveness and decisiveness are respected by many people around him.

Until the day he first met Megumi Fushiguro (伏黒 恵 ふしぐろ めぐみ), he had never seen or felt a ghost or a curse, but although he was sensing death and was scared, he jumped on a cursed spirit bravely to save his friends. Satoru Gojo (五条 悟 ごじょう さとる) said Yuji was crazy enough to be a Jujutsu sorcerer.

Mahito (真人 まひと) is a cursed spirit that can touch people’s soul and change the shape. By toughing people’s souls, he can change the shapes of their bodies and turn them into cursed-spirit-like creatures. These people cannot take the shock of sudden change and die soon. When Yuji realized that the ones he was fighting against and thought they were cursed spirits were actually humans who were turned into the cursed-spirit-like creatures, Yuji was incensed. Kento Nanami (七海 健人 ななみ けんと), the grade 1 Jujutsu sorcerer, was surprised that Yuji could be angry seriously even for death of somebody who were unrelated to him. I think almost all Jujutsu sorcerers were already had some kind of relation with cursed energy or cursed technique since they were born so that they are used to death and had given up on relationship with people in some way. So, Yuji’s straight and honest mind is inspirable for them.

Yuko Ozawa (小沢 優子 おざわ ゆうこ) was Yuji’s classmate from middle school. She was attracted to Yuji because no guys really cared about her since she was overweighed back then, but only Yuji said the ways she wrote and ate were beautiful. She wanted to be friends with Yuji but couldn’t talk to him because she couldn’t have confidence in herself. Now, she lost weight and had much confidence in herself, so she asked Nobara Kugisaki to help her be friends with him. Nobara called up Yuji and when he showed up, he was like “Hey Ozawa!” just like before. His steady attitude made her give up on him. This is so deep. Yuko didn’t like guys who judge girls by how they looked, so she was attracted to Yuji, and she was right. Yuji talked to her in the same way as before, which means how she looked didn’t matter to him. Yuko realized that she was on the same side with guys she hated. She was also judging herself by how she looked.

By the way, The author Gege Akutami (芥見 下々 あくたみ げげ) said, in the article of the Shonen Jump, he didn’t like Yuji so much because he created him with the image of “a typical hero of boys comic”, but he came to like him after the battle against Mahito. I think Yuji, who struggles between his severe fate and his faith, is attractive enough to have fans all over the world!


I want the people I know to have proper deaths.

自分 (じぶん) の知 (し) ってる人 (ひと) ぐらいは正 (ただ) しく死 (し) んで欲 (ほ) しいって思 (おも) うんだ。
Jibun no shitteru hito gurai wa tadashiku shinde hoshiitte omounda.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』1 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2018, p44 / Anime season 1 episode 1

Even though Yuji had never seen any ghosts in his life and felt fear sensing death, he jumped into the school full of cursed spirits to save his friends who were about to be killed by the spirits. His way of thinking is always consistent; he doesn’t want to do what he would regret later. His brave action was respectful.

I have my own troublesome curse already.

こっちはこっちで面倒 (めんどう) くせぇ呪 (のろ) いがかかってんだわ。
Kocchi wa kocchi de mendokusee noroi ga kakattendawa.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』1 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2018, p49 / Anime season 1 episode 1

Yuji barely know about his parents; his grandfather raised him up instead. Before his grandfather died, he left message to Yuji to help as many people as he could because Yuji was a tough boy. Yuji called the message “curse” and tried to help Megumi Fushiguro who was getting attacked by the huge cursed spirit. If Yuji didn’t do anything and Megumi died, Yuji would regret about it for the rest of his life. He said he didn’t want to live such regretful life.

How I’m going to die has been already decided anyway.

てめぇの死 (し) に様 (ざま) はもう決 (き) まってんだわ。
Temee no shinizama wa mou kimattendawa.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』1 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2018, p84 / Anime season 1 episode 2

Because Yuji swallowed Sukuna’s finger, he was given the unreasonable choices, either accepting an immediate death sentence or accepting a death sentence after he swallowed all Sukuna’s fingers. Yuji explained to his teacher, Satoru Gojo ( 五条 悟 ごじょう さとる) that even though he wasn’t convinced at all, he wanted to do what he believed until the day he would die. What a determined guy!

I want to be stronger. Teach me what “the strongest” is.

強 (つよ) くなりたい。最強 (さいきょう) を教 (おし) えてくれ。
Tsuyoku naritai. Saikyou wo oshiete kure.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』2 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2018, p97 / Anime season 1 episode 6

Yuji was once killed by Sukuna when he let the evil spirit control his body and even more, Sukuna was about to kill Megumi, too. Yuji revived under the pact with Sukuna and asked Satoru to train him. Tough letting Sukuna control Yuji’s body was a tough decision for him to save Megumi and Nobara, he still felt responsible for it. You can see his straight personality from this word.


ぶっ殺 (ころ) してやる!
bukkurosite yaru!

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』4 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2019, p45 / Anime season 1 episode 12

I think this was the first time Yuji showed his feeling deep down in his heart. As his friend Junpei Yoshino (吉野 順平 よしの じゅんぺい) was deceived and killed by Mahito, he showed his rage and murderous intent against the spirit. This was the moment he started to grow as a Jujutsu sorcerer.

I won’t lose anymore.

もう俺 (おれ) は負 (ま) けない
Mou ore wa makenai.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』4 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2019, p131 / Anime season 1 episode 13

The battle against Mahito was a bitter experience for Yuji. He lost his friends and also his confident. However, instead of getting depressed, he swore to himself not to lose again.

Don’t say that to Fushiguro.

それ、伏黒 (ふしぐろ) には言 (い) うなよ。
Sore, Fushiguro niwa iunayo.

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』8 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2020, p45 

This is my favorite scene. Megumi noticed many curse-related incidents were happening after the incarnation of Sukuna and presumed the Sukuna’s awaking was resonating other cursed spirits. Megumi explained it to Nobara and told her not to tell Yuji because he might feel responsible for it. But, at the same time in the different place, Sukuna showed up Yuji’s body and coincidentally saying the same thing about the resonance to Yuji. Yuji just stayed calm and told Sukuna not to tell Megumi about it. He said it because Megumi begged Satoru to save him when Yuji was supposed to be executed. What would Megumi think if a person who he saved was the cause of recent evil incidents? Yuji also thought Megumi would feel responsible for it. Their strong bond of friendship was impressive, and Yuji’s mind is really getting strong!

Die. Just me, I should die, just die! Now!

死 (し) ねよ、自分 (じぶん) だけ、自分 (じぶん) だけぇ、
死 (し) ね!今(いま) !
Shine yo, Jubun dake, jibun dakee, shine! Ima!

source: Author Gege Akutami 『Jujutsu Kaisen』14 published by SHUEISHA Inc. in 2021, p92-93

In Shibuya, Jogo made Yuji swallow many Sukuna’s fingers at once and Sukuna took control his body. Yuji came back to his body to find so many lives were taken by Sukuna while he was unconscious. Because of the cruelty his body did, he dropped on his knees and threw up and, he blamed himself strongly. It’s so sad that he always blames himself even though Sukuna’s uncontrollable actions are not Yuji’s fault. His harsh fate tortures him endlessly.

Jujutsu Kaisen is still going on and I’m going to update the articles regularly.

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